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  1. How to Sell with Ease and the 2nd Women Inspiring Women Awards

    Yipes - April is all but over - where did it go?!  And already we are heading for the next bank holiday - this very weekend.  I'm planning a break (to The Peak District if you MUST know ;-)) and before I go, I'd love to share our theme at Damsels in Success this month, which is 'Selling with Ease' and tell you about the SECOND Women Inspiring Women Awards...

    The next Damsels in Success - Burton event is 'Selling with Ease' - the way we believe in doing EVERYTHING.  It is being held on the evening of 15 May in Ashby de la Zouch.  This time I will share the stage with
    Melina Abbott, one of the UK’s leading sales experts, who will be sharing with you:

    • The truth about Selling With Ease
    • The REAL reason people aren’t buying from you – and SIMPLE steps you can put in place RIGHT NOW to have all the clients you want
    • One huge myth and a reassuring, enlightening and life-changing truth about sales calls (this goes against most traditional sales training)
    • Why so many heart-centred professionals find it hard to make good money (and unconsciously block the abundance they desire and deserve)
    • How to find the right people you are MEANT to serve – who can AFFORD your services
    • How to massively shift your mindset around your value so that you can confidently charge what you're worth (and get it)
    • The one thing you’re not doing which is leaving thousands on the table

    This event is FREE to all first timers and returners.

    Melina Abbott is an expert in helping heart centred entrepreneurs attract high paying clients.  She teaches people how to Sell With Ease in a way that is authentic and heartfelt - without being pushy. 

    She has had some staggering results, having filled 2 coaching programmes which generated £73,807 in sales in just 3 months.  She’s tripled her business twice – jumping from £13,512 to £111,533 within 2 years, and has gone from charging £397 for a programme to £16,000. 

    However it hasn’t always been like that – in her first 5 years in business she barely covered her expenses, let alone made a profit.  It was only when her accountant actually recommended she close her limited company that she took massive action and committed to having a business rather than an expensive hobby.   It worked.

    What people love most about Melina is the way she teaches very practical, step by step information on how to get high paying clients, in such a way that keeps it real and authentic to you. And she teaches from her experience - so she can really help people with the emotional roller-coaster of sales and being in business – as well as the practical how to. 

    She’s a wife and mum to 2 gorgeous children and has created her business is such a way that she can spend time with them and be there for all the important events in their life. 

    To find out more and to book your fab FREE place, click here...

    And my fabulous freebie to you this month, to compliment our selling theme, is my 'What's Your Selling Type' test and report. If you are intrigued to find out just how YOU sell your products and services - and how you could improve on what you are doing, then fill out your details here

    The Annual Women Inspiring Women National Awards ceremony and dinner is a special black tie/cocktail dress event where people from all over the UK come together to celebrate and recognise the achievements of women who are fabulous role models for other women – by either working directly with them or by being a great example. Do you know an amazing woman, who has made a difference???  We are looking for nominations in a number of categories - watch this space for more news...

    Nearly 5 years ago I became a member of Damsels in Success and have never looked back since - creating my own coaching business and setting up the Burton upon Trent group as a Director.  Now we are recruiting to give more amazing women the same opportunity.  Would you love to work with a close knit, professional team, with super support and infra-structure?  Then check out all the details here...

    That’s all from me for now - I'd better start packing for my weekend away.  Have a marvellous May - what ever you get up to :-).
    With warm regards

    Sandra Peachey
    Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

    Peachey Letters - Love Letters to Life as featured in Psychologies and the Lady Magazines

  2. Sandra Peachey – Business Coach and Author blogs about why Blogging is good for business! She shares her tips on how to get started and how to improve your blogging for business.

    In February 2012 I started a personal blog called Peachey Letters… A year later my blog has had 1000s of hits from 26 countries and has been turned into a book, giving me publicity and recognition that I could never even of dreamt of when I started!

    Why Blog?

    Blogging tells the world that you are an ‘Expert’ in what you do - the services and products you provide.  Used well you can gain the interest of potential customers and encourage them to buy more of your products.  With blogging people can get to know and trust you – spending ‘time’ with you before they buy.  And it also gives you have the perfect opportunity to keep reminding people about what you do and being in their consciousness, so that when the time comes to buy, they think of you…

    The great thing about blogging is that it requires no financial outlay to get started.  It beefs up your business credentials and if used cleverly, can be re-used and recycled – posted on social media, on other people’s blogs and in your newsletters – maximizing your time and effort.

    How do I get started?

    Check to see if your website has blogging functionality – most do.  Even without a website you can get started quickly – Blogger and Wordpress both offer free platforms and then you are also part of a blogging community which can give you global exposure.  If getting stuck on the technology is what is preventing you from getting started, then get some help – Laura Morris – Co-Owner of Networking Mummies can help you, or find a friend or colleague who has already set up their own blog.

    How and what do I write?

    Be wary of selling!  Always be of a mindset that you are sharing useful tips, strategies and information.  Never be afraid of sharing some of your ‘trade secrets’ – this means that you stay on your toes and will consistently provide better services for your clients.

    For subject matter - think of the time of the year, issues that are in the news, new products and services that you are offering.  Maybe there is something that doesn’t seem related to your business that you are passionate about – all good!  Blog about it – this will make you different from the people that share your marketplace.  If you are happy to share things going on in your life – people love the ‘soap opera’ saga of someone else’s life and course – always make the connection back to your products and services.

    The simplest and most useful tip I can give you to structure and give subject matter to any blog is to answer 1-3 questions.  Sometimes you can make it as obvious as how I have structured this blog, or simply use this thought process as a way to write your piece.

    Finally, make the offer!

    Never be afraid to be bold or controversial – again it makes you stand out.  Then, when you have shared your tips and strategies, then you can lead people to what you currently have to offer your reader.  As my example, I am currently giving one to one blog checks for beginners and improvers to Networking Mummies subscribers for just £10!  We will get your started, motivated and inspired to get your message out into your market place. If you already have a blog then I will audit it and show you how get it even more effective, get more hits and more selling exposure.  Just click here to find out more and book your blogging session.

    Sandra Peachey works with businesses to ensure they turn passion into profits and achieve their market goals.  Her first book Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life was published in February 2013, has been featured in local and national press, including Psychologies and The Lady magazine; and is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon or on her website.  

  3. Just a very quick update this month, to mark the advent of the month of March.  With Spring on the horizon, the sap is rising and I have been busy getting my book Peachey Letters out into the world. 

    I’ve also been expanding my horizons in all sorts of other ways, improving my business coaching skills and refocusing my business.  And one thing that has certainly expanded my self awareness is the latest theme at Damsels in Success.   This month the theme is … dramatic pause … ‘The Power of The Intuitive Woman’… 

    This is a very powerful session where we may well be challenging your notions of what intuition actually is and the power of using it in all areas of life, including your business… So whether you are an Accountant or an Angel coach – this event will expand your notions of yourself and be fun and challenging in equal measures!

    Just to whet your appetite, my gift to you this month is my Intuition Quiz, which I will happily send to you for free whether you are able to come to my event or not.  Simply complete your details here and give yourself 5 minutes to answer some easy questions.  In return I will send you your results… it will be like a posh online version of those quizzes in mags like Cosmopolitan that I love doing with a quick coffee!  Just intuitively follow this link to register...

    To experience this in-depth and connect with our fabulous members and guests and all for free too, your date with destiny is the evening of next Wednesday (20 March).  Just click through here or copy and paste this link, to book your place on-line

    So many people have expressed an interest in my beautiful book Peachey Letters, it has had gorgeous reviews and been featured in local and national press – have you got your copy yet..?  You can get it on Amazon in paperback or Kindle here… 

    I had two amazing book launches in London and Leamington – so take a sneeky peak at the pics on Facebook here if you are curious to see what went on…

    That’s all from me for now.  Have a marvellous March.

    Warm regards


    Founder - Peachey Days

    Author of Peachey Letters ~ Love Letters to Life, as featured in Psychologies Magazine

  4. Now that the book launches are so near (7 and 12 February 2013), the word is getting out about my book - Peachey Letters, Love Letters to Life...

    Already it has been featured on various websites and the first full blown article has appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph - check it out here.  Next it will be featured in Psychologies Magazine and I'm currently talking to both Radio 2 and Radio 4 about features with them too!

    It's all systems go at the moment - having not one, but two book launches!  The first one is in central London on the evening of 7 February 2013 - to which you are most cordially invited to attend.  Entrance is free and you can find out more and book your place here...

    Then as a Midlands girl, I'm holding one in Leamington Spa too.  This will also be a fund raiser for Parkinsons - the debilitating neurological condition that my mother lived with for over 15 years.  My book is dedicated to her and I am raising funds and awareness for Parkinsons UK - the organisation that supports sufferers and funds research.  There is a small ticket price for this - click here to find out more and reserve your place.

    With excitement / nervousness...


    Sandra Peachey - Author