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  1. Can you remember the letters you have written and received in your life?  The news, the joy, the ups, the downs… the bills, the love letters..?

    Well, as Valentines Day approaches I am introducing my own book of Love Letters to the world…  As a  coach, consultant and trainer – I’m on a mission to share the simple process I went through – to heal, enjoy and love my life and in doing so – support others to do the very same.  My intensely personal letters entertain, emote and are written in my own, often poetic voice. Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life is my exploration and celebration of love in all its’ mysterious aspects.  In it I write to the people, phenomena and happenings that have touched my life – in ways tremendous and trivial.

    It all started as my Peachey Letters Blog, where I analysed, let go and celebrated my own crazy and amazing life; along the way becoming my own best coach.  The Blog has already reached out to thousands of people around the world, many of whom have been inspired to resolve issues in their own lives and to write their own ‘love letters’ too.The unprecedented response I have received (See some of the feedback here…), means that Blog now becomes Book and so I am inviting you to TWO Launch Events to welcome Peachey Letters into the world.

    The London Book Launch is the first official event – all are welcome, you just need to register your place on-line, at the link below – you can also opt to purchase an advance copy of the book which you can collect on the evening.  Lucie Bradbury – Founder of Damsels in Success will be introducing both events, other speakers are to be confirmed.

    The Leamington launch is combined with fund raising for Parkinsons, the condition that my mother lived with for over 15 years.  She passed away in July 2012 during the writing of my book and so this launch is dedicated to her.  The money raised will go to Parkinson’s UK – to support and research into this debilitating neurological condition.The two events have been created to be two different experiences –  do feel free to register – for one, the other or both.


    Date:           7 February 2013, 6 – 8 pm

    Venue:         8 Northumberland – 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BY

    Cost:            Entry Free or pre-buy your author signed book for just £10.00 (retail £11.99), as well.


     Date:           12 February 2013, 6 – 8 pm

    Venue:         Episode Hotel – 64 Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, CV32 4JL

    Cost:            Ticket £3.99 or Ticket Plus – secure your place & pre-buy your signed book for £11.99 *

     * Books will also be on sale at both events

    Like all good parties, you are asked to RSVP – so please confirm your attendance by following one of the links above and securing your place.

    If you are unable to join me at either of the launches, then you can still purchase your own copies of the book, at the special pre-publication price of £10.00, up until the second launch date, (when the prices increase to the cover price of £11.99 and p&p will also be added) or from Amazon and at all good book shops at full price!

    I do hope you can join me for what will be two extra-ordinary events in this Peachey life.

    With warm regards

           Sandra Peachey

    Author of Peachey Letters

    PL Book Launch Quoz


    If you want a serious chance at obtaining your next career move, a standout CV shouldn’t just list the job roles and education you’ve had, it has to sell you into an interview.  Here are some cogent points to remember when writing and re-writing your Curriculum Vitae, (source:

    1. Read the Advert Carefully

    A job advert is often your best guide to what an employer is looking for. The sort of information you should be able to glean might include the qualifications and experience they require, the skills they consider important for the role, the size of team you would be working with and the industry you would be working in.

    Most applicants scan read an advert and then, with =out thinking, send off their CV, missing vital information or indeed instructions – they will have fallen at the first hurdle.  Read the advert thoroughly and all the application instructions – sometimes you are asked to request an application form, provide references, add a covering letter, etc. 

    This information can then be used to shape your CV, so don’t fall at the first hurdle by ignoring the ad.

    2. Make your CV ‘Bespoke’

    If you send out a generic CV to each potential employer, then you’re literally sabotaging your chances of getting a job. Your CV should be tailored to every job you apply for. Employers can easily spot a generic CV so use the information you glean from the job advert to help guide what information you include and how you organise it. And if there's only little information to guide you, you can look at their website and glean as much as you can from that.

    It is also worth doing research on the organisation you are applying to to see what skills and experience they are likely to consider important. Some employers even specify exactly what information they expect you to include in your CV - so make sure you prioritise addressing these points so that they don’t have to hunt for the answers or throw your CV in the waste basket.

    3. Match your Language to the Advert

    Your choice of words can say a huge amount about you. Without the benefit of a face-to-face meeting, your employer will be looking to gain information about your personality from the things you say and the way you present information. For this reason, matching your language to that of the ad is well worth the effort as it shows that you are a good fit for the organisation with similar values.

    For example, if the advert reads, “We are looking for a motivated and talented individual to develop a client base…”, then you could include the words “talented” and “(self) motivated” in your CV as well as statements like, “I have an excellent track record in building up strong client bases.”

    Websites are also good point of reference for language clues too.

    4. Sell the Benefits of your Experience

    When describing your previous experience, this is your opportunity to be persuasive about your skills and highlight what you can deliver for the employer. A lot of candidates just list the duties and activities involved in their previous roles. For example:

    • Project management including feasibility studies, project planning, data collection and reporting
    • Responsible for generating weekly advertising sales

    A much more powerful way to present your activities is to ask yourself, “what did that task result in?”.  CVs are a sales document, so you have to quantify what benefits you bring to the table, for example:

    • I have managed various projects ranging in budget from £10,000 to £250,000. Tasks included carrying out feasibility studies, data collection and final reporting. All my projects were completed within budget and timescale
    • I was responsible for generating average weekly sales of £7,100, with a company wide sales target of £60,000 among twelve people. I was therefore generating £2,100 per week more than the average.

    5. Include a Personal Statement

    Some people include a personal statement, some don’t. I believe they can add to a CV, but only if they are kept brief - approximately four to six sentences - and offer a summary of the strongest points given in your CV. Again, particular attention should be given to the requirements and word choice used in the job advertisement.  If you tailored nothing else in your CV – you must make this unique to each application, as it is the first thing a recruiter will read.

    Since your personal statement appears at the top of your CV, it represents your first opportunity to impress your employer, so use persuasive language that presents you as a well rounded potential employee.

    For example:

    “A versatile and results-oriented sales and management executive with excellent people skills and six years of business-to-business sales experience, which includes European client relationship management and high volume target driven sales. As well as being one of the top performing sales people at my firm, I am currently acting as deputy sales manager, which has further increased my problem solving, team building and analytical skills.”

    6. Fonts and Formatting

    While it may be tempting to spice up your CV with fancy fonts and patterned borders, don’t. Many employers will consider this unprofessional, so stick to a simple font, such as Arial or Times New Roman and only use italics or bold to highlight headings. Colours and ‘word art’ should be avoided altogether; stick to black ink on white paper.

    It's important to keep your CV to a maximum of two pages but avoid the temptation to use a tiny font or thin borders in order to fit all of your information in.

    The acceptable range for font size is 10 to 12 points and borders should not be narrower than 1.25cm. If you are struggling to fit everything in, go back to the job ad and use that to decide what information is vital and what you can afford to cut.

    7. Use a Sensible Email Address

    Ensure your email address reflects your name as accurately as possible. Novelty email addresses such as “” will not send a message of professionalism to employers. Similarly, using someone else’s email address, such as your partner’s, to send an application is particularly unadvisable as it might lead the employer to feel suspicious about who is actually making the application.

    If your email address is tied to a particular domain name, as opposed to a free service such as Yahoo or Hotmail, think about what this says about you to your prospective employers. If your email address is “”, you are unlikely to make a good impression, but even if the domain name is innocuous, employers may visit the website so make sure you are not associating yourself with any negative content by using that address.

    8. Use Relevant Headings

    Separate each section of the CV by using clear headings such as 'personal details' and 'references'. A good tip is to use the heading 'career experience' rather than 'work experience' as it allows website recruitment search software to find relevant information more easily.

    9. Sub-headings and General Formatting

    For subheadings, be consistent in your formatting. It's common to see dates appear before the job title in some sections and after in others, with an employer’s location included in some and missed out of others. This sends the message that you are inconsistent or haphazard in your approach and that you do not check your work, so choose a style for your sub-headings and stick to it.

    10. Electronic Copies

    The most common pitfall for applicants submitting electronic CVs is trusting the spellchecker alone.  On paper, spelling mistakes and formatting errors will jump out at you, so print and proofread your CV before emailing it to a prospective employer.  And even better – get someone else to proof read it for you.

    If you are able, download a free application to convert word processed documents into PDFs. This will preserve the formatting whichever computer or resolution the file is viewed in, but check the job advertisement first in case the employer has specified a preference. In addition, be sure to keep the file size under 100KB to avoid clogging up your prospective employer’s email server, and use a ‘clean’ file name such as “Surname, Firstname CV.doc”, without dates or version numbers.

    When emailing your CV, request a delivery receipt, but not a read receipt as this may annoy recruiters, whilst it fills up their email Inboxes.  If you haven’t received an acknowledgement, unfortunately as the recruitment process becomes more and more automated, the human touch is lost and often you will not receive a response.  Chasing agencies is a good plan, to see how they are dealing with your requirements.  Chasing employers direct however often irritates them, as this recruitment exercise will invariably be one of many tasks they have on the go at any one time and a phone call can get in the way of something else they are trying to achieve.  Whilst it may not be best manners not to respond to your efforts to be employed by them, my advice is to let it ride.

    If you put constant applied effort into making job applications and sending out a tailored CV every time, your chances of securing an interview will be increased substantially and if the figures at the top of this article are to be believed – by at least a third, putting you head and shoulders ahead of the competition. 

    If this all seems overwhelming, you should definitely find some support in creating your standout CV - be that from a family member, friend or recruiting professional.  Professional assistance with your CV has proven that you will be 31% more likely to be successful in getting  a job interview, and 38% more likely to be contacted by recruiters (Source: beSatisfied Resume Rewrite Impact Survey, March 2009).  

    Peachey Days offers CV writing services that will get your application noticed.  See my January special offer and get YOUR stand out CV:

                  Sandra Peachey

    Founder - Peachey Days

  3. “The merry year is born, like the bright berry from the naked thorn.
    ~ Hartley Coleridge
    So - h
    ow was your Christmas?? Well the 'Twelve Days' aren't even over yet and my tree and decorations are still up... but already it feels - to me like Noël is already a thing of the past...   And the New Year is most definitely here... So is it back to reality and to the same old same old?
    Now I don’t know about you – but I have already seen so many of those emails and postings about a New year / a New you, and what a good time it is to start diets, launch a business, buy this perfect product and so on and so on…  and blah blah blah… And yes – I could even be guilty of having written a few of those myself…
    So here are a few of my own observations on the New Year subject… I know that for me – there is a very definite 'New Year, New Start' energy… Maybe it’s because I’ve had a rest and taken a break from ‘the norm’, but I am genuinely raring to go and have already got round to loads of niggling little jobs that I have been meaning to get around to for months.  I’ve been cleaning and sorting and arranging and planning and… well all sorts really!
    I’ve decided to deliberately embrace the New Year flow and go where the energy takes me and to capitalise on it – even taking a little longer to ‘get back to the day job’ so I can enjoy myself and feel great about what I am acheiving effortlessly, in the meantime.
    And I’m asking myself the big questions for the year ahead, and giving the answers their own sweet time to come gently back to me… So I’m quite literally going with the flow…
    And it may be a cliché – yet it’s a good one – this is such a great time for all of us to take stock and celebrate the last 12 months, and then to set intentions and take action for the coming year too. 
    Now I know that is all very well in practice, so here is my Peachey Process to help you set gentle goals that will actually 'stick', in the form of my Peachey Letter to New Years Eve - my gift to you…
    And now comes my cunning plan to lure you to my next Damsels in Success event, because to make this goal setting malarkey even easier still, members and guests will be ‘Goal Setting for Goddesses’, so that we will all create our own 2013 the way we want it… And the reason this whole process will be easier is that we will walk through it together, then really commit to it and together hold each other to support and to account - giving our goals real wings and the genuine chance to make a difference to our lives.

    Our next Damsels event Goal Setting for Goddesses is happening at the Royal Hotel, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, on the evening of Wednesday 23 January.  It's free for all first timers - you simply have to register your place online here...
    And here are some more ways in which I can support you and your goals too…

    My book Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life is launched next month and will entertain, emote and touch you in so many ways.  You can get your discounted copy at the pre-publication special offer price of £10.00… (see the latest reviews here…). Next month it increases to the cover price of £11.99 and will have postage costs added on too… So how about a Valentines gift for you and for your loved ones… find out more and get your copies here…
    I get incredible results Coaching and Mentoring my cherished clients on a one to one basis, and if you are ready to take things to the next level, in life and business too, take a look at my January Special offers.  I am discounting all my most popular services through out this month – so check them out here… and if you have any questions or comments on this, just let me know.
    I will be thoroughly and unashamedly nurturing myself on 19 January, by attending a fabulous event in Matlock with the inspiring Julie Anne Hart - Intuitive Business Coach and Therapist. ‘The Big Hart Day’ is all about opening yourself out to transform your life and business by tapping into and expanding your own gorgeous potential and to live life with out limits.  You are invited to join Julie Anne on this amazing day and to open your heart to all that you are… Find out more here...
    And that,
    my Dear Reader, was January’s Peachey News, Views, Offerings and Opinions…
    Then last and by no means least - here’s to a delightful and delicious January, with an amazing 2013 ahead, for all of us.  With love and laughter...

    Sandra Peachey, Founder - Peachey Days & Director at Damsels in Success
    Author of Peachey Letters - Love Letters to Life

    Tel. 07921 494363

  4. What started as a creative challenge to myself - to write a 'love letter to life', every day for the month of February 2012, has blossomed from a Blog into a book, and now the first verdicts are in ...

    The first reviews for the book ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life’:

    Sandra Peachey has produced a fascinating book of heartfelt letters … As a reader it invokes a desire to start writing my own letters to experience the flow of exploration and insight, as well as drawing together my own life story ... Congratulations to Sandra for a heartfelt, moving and insightful read.

    ~ Sue Maggott – ‘Inspirational Poetry’

    A M A Z I N G ………. this is such a wonderful, moving, heartfelt read, it is absolutely compelling. What I love about it most is your raw honesty and how I was able to relate to so much of what you describe …Your ability to communicate what you feel and who you really are is wonderful …You convey so much about the artist you are – beautifully creative, sensitive, a deep thinker and a beautiful soul that cares so much about life and the people in it. AWESOME, truly AWESOME.

    ~ Sarah Christie – Owner, ‘Effective Outcomes’

    Oh my - for me it’s the ‘Letter To The Juice’. Joyful Juicing and bellisimo Bellini's! Wonderful "bespoke cocktail" and setting delicious Peachey intentions. Mmmm, my mouth waters and spirit wants to drink up her fill! Thank you Sandie, simply beautiful and mouth wateringly wonderful."

    ~ Lynn Burns - Founder of 'Suddenly Single Money'

    An amazing book in which Sandra shares her thoughts and feelings in a way that will touch so many. Heartfelt and inspiring – a book that helps us think about what we have, what we want and what’s truly important in our lives. Beautifully crafted - this book will help you not only learn more about Sandra, but also more about yourself. You’ll laugh, cry, learn and be entertained.

    ~ Susan Brookes-Morris

    I found the book brave and liberating and it has certainly made me feel grateful and reflective of all in my life past, present and future. Also, in such an instant, technological, fast moving, instant gratification, social media dominated society - the power of a letter has never been so strong as after reading your book.

    ~ Tara Fennessy

    The book is a lovely gift to your self or for a friend to share, in many of life’s highs and lows with a modern twist! Sandra weaves her magic spell and takes you on an emotional journey to release joy and tears in equal measures while you read her delicious letters. Be prepared to open your heart (have tissues by your side) as you make each rite of passage with her and enjoy the surprises along the way!

    ~ Gill Potter - Author of Sacred Paths Entwined

    SPECIAL PRE-ORDER OFFER: Pre-order your book before 14 October and receive a signed copy, postage free ... Click here to order your copies ...

  5. It's been all quiet on the Peachey Days front, since my last blog, as I've been taking some deliberate down time, or is that 'up time' hummm ... I know what I would choose!

    So it is still officially summer - even if I AM privy to conversations about the nights drawing in and Christmas (there I said it ;-)) being well on the way! I don't know about you, but I'm not quite ready to let go of summer just yet - I've been making a conscious effort to wear my summer clothes, get into the great outdoors and appreciate the almost equal amounts of sunshine and rain that my corner of the world has been receiving; whilst making a conscious effort too, to slow down and be in true holiday mode - allowing myself to be nurtured and coddled by the gorgeous summer energy ...

    How has your summer been? It has certainly been a time of transition for me, as my dear mother passed away in July. Bless her - she was 86 and had Parkinsons Disease, yet it still felt like such a sudden shock. I certainly went through my emotional stuff following this, and somehow the whole experience seemed to bring out both the worst and best in me, shaking my world to its' very foundations. I explore the darker side of my experience and how the darkness turned to daftness and so to light, in the latest additions to my Peachey Letters Blog.

    I wonder what this summer has meant for you and what this summer has done for you - please do comment and let me know ..? What difference has this season made to your life, what has changed, what has been decided, where did you go and what did you do?

    Summer for me was a slower time: time to take care of and ease my aching heart; time to rest and to reconsider my priorities. And most definitely Summer has meant taking care of my self, in all sorts of ways. As I result I cut back on the volume of work that I normally put my time and effort into, and some how the world kept on turning and the bills still got paid. I finally took the holiday I had been dithering about for ages; and I felt very much too that it really was time for my Peachey Letters Blog to become a book.

    Writing has been such a creative therapy for me and, thanks to my summer break, I have now finished my manuscript. They say there is a book in everyone and now my first one is a tangible thing - making itself ready for the Christmas market (oops - mentioned it again!!). Already, pre-publication, I have sold advance orders and if YOU would like to take advantage of my summer special offer to pre-order your copies, check out all the details here

    And whilst school was 'out for summer', many of our children are now returning to the structure of the academic world - as are the adults who lead and support them in the Education field. It's an interesting time of year - time to reassess, start again and make the most of the gift of another year - as the autumn quietly approaches.

    At Damsels in Success we love to go with the flow of the year and so it is most definitely time to go 'Back to School, Back to Business', as we share our special success strategies for making the last quarter of 2012 go with an unapologetic bang! The Burton on Trent Group is looking forward to welcoming you to our next get together on the evening of 19 September in Ashby de la Zouch, Leics (register for your free place here) and the Glasgow group invites you to join cherished members and and honoured guests, at our next live event, being held on Tuesday 25th September, at 6.30 pm, in Glasgow City Centre.  Both events are fab, free and there will be loads of love, learning and cake! Click here to register your details and reserve your place for Glasgow.

                                                                                                                                 We kicked off our first live event of the new season at our Warwick group and here's the pic to prove it ... Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. DIS Warwick Aug 12
    So this has been my latest slice of summer ... if you have any thoughts or queries about anything in this Peachey Update, please let me know; and until we connect again, I'm sending oodles of summer lovin' your way. I'll sign off by wishing you a spectacular September!

    With lots summer sunshine, love and laughter ...

    Sandra Peachey
    Leader - Damsels in Success