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  1. This latest blog is a very special heads up for the 3rd Damsels in Success conference - IGNITE! 2013 

    I'm loving this beautiful mild autumn, and working for myself means that I can take full advantage of it.  Today that meant making the most of the sunshine and going out for a long walk with a cherished old friend and well and truly blowing the cobwebs away.  What would YOU choose to do with a gorgeous day like today???

    At Damsels in Success we are now getting well and truly geared up for our next national event, IGNITE! 2013.  Of course I will say that last years event was energising, life changing and gave everyone the chance to connect with inspirational and like hearted women and we can expect more of the same, in bucket loads THIS year too!  Yet rather than me waxing lyrical, let me share what some of my Burton group members had to say about it:

    "GOSH And WOW! what a weekend at Ignite... I feel very proud to be part of a very special community of amazing women......I almost feel lost for words!!! Thank you Lucie, the Damsel Directors and the behind the scenes team for a truly immense event.  A special mention to all the Directors that shared their stories...........and to the Beautiful Becky Lee, Joyous Jennie Horchover and Super Sue Maggott you ROCKED IT!!!! I cannot go without mentioning Lucie's stunning frocks!! Sandra Peachey you are a natural at MUST do more!! As for the New LAWs For Women....thank you Lucie for creating these.....if all us Damsels can implement these through 2013 WOW! where will we all be this time next year....?I look forward to seeing you all grow and seeing the results..."
    ~ Hayley Lloyd Wilkins

    "What a fantastic 2 days at Ignite. There was so much power and energy in that room over the two days that I was so pleased to have been part of it this year. Thank you to you Lucie for sourcing such great speakers who really did create magic ... and some fantastic tips for success were passed on. Thank you to all the other speakers who shared their stories and passions ... you told your stories beautifully and you really did follow the 'new law' of being the real you. I have to just say though that those of you who I know (and know your stories) you were absolutely fantastic on that stage and whilst you may have been a little wobbly on the inside .. you certainly shone on the outside and were so inspirational. And the lovely Sandie ... well you really did speak from your heart and moved me to tears. Fantastic!!  Thank you to all the lovely ladies I had the pleasure to connect with and spend time with over the weekend."
    ~ Vicky Stanton

    "Just wanted to say, "thank you, thank you, thank you" for an amazing weekend at Ignite. I had an fabulous time and was inspired by all the speakers, the excitement, the singing and dancing and just being with such a wonderful group of like-minded women. I didn't truly realise the positive effect everything had had on me, until I sat down at my laptop this morning, to create my vision of my future. Everything seemed so much easier than last week and flowed! I have already used some of the teaching to create my Elegant Business Model!!!!!"
    ~ Caroline Ashby

    Well THAT was last year and this year holds more fabulouslessness in store too in the form of our stellar line up of speakers and what they will be sharing with you:
    Loral Langemeier - Put More Cash in Your Pocket: The 5 steps to making money now
    Christina Morassi - The Secret to Ecstatic Wealth. (Blend ALL Your Gifts into 1 Business & Get Paid for Being You)
    Bernadette Doyle - Grow Your Systematic Business (and get the leverage to get paid over and over again)
    Katharine Dever - Get Your Gift Out On The Global Stage. (How to get your message out there, make money whilst you sleep and live your highest purpose)
    Abi Griffiths - Shine Authentically on Screen. (How to show up and shine as your authentic self, and let the camera fall in love with you)
    Laura Doyle - Author of The Surrendered Wife. (Learn to give up control to create the most magical intimate relationship)

    The Venue is the Birmingham Metropole Hotel at the NEC and the dates are Saturday/Sunday 23 and 24 November.

    Now the HEADS UP that I promised you is that the tickets are currently selling at the brilliant EARLY BIRD purchase price of just £97.00 for the whole 2 days.  This price goes UP on  MONDAY (21 October) and will keep on increasing the closer to the event we get, so grab your tickets NOW and in the words of Katy Perry "Ignite your life and let it shine" (lyrics borrowed from her hit 'Firework' - a definite Damsels' anthem)!  To get the FULL low down and to buy your EARLY BIRD tickets, please click through here...

    As for my next LOCAL event, I know that many people wanted to, but were unable to come to the London F-Factor Master Class, based on the Damsels in Success book of the same name, so I am delighted to tell you that my own local event is being held in Ashby de la Zouch - Leicestershire on 23 October, with 'Activate Your F-Factor' being the theme for this months Damsels in Success - Burton event.
    Activating your F-Factor is all about using the special ingredients that you, as a woman, bring to the party of life, to make it the life that you want it to be...  

    Join us at Damsels in Success Burton on Trent on the evening of the 23rd - just click on this link to find out more and book your seat.  It is FREE for all first timers and I'll throw in some cake along with the laughter, learning and inspiration!
    If you can't get to an event this time, but would still love to activate your own F-Factor, then you can buy your own copy of our fabulous book, postage free - here..
    And a final thought for you... Have you always secretly or not so secretly wanted to become a published author???  Then I have created my 'Blog to Book Programme' just for you... I will get you writing, show you how to build a following for your work and then give you the opportunity to get published... Curious to know more??? Then please book a FREE explorachat with me by clicking on this link...

    I would love to help you to Ignite Your Life, activate your F-Factor and to truly start living the life you deserve, with ease, clarity and grace, especially if that means I can ensure that your book dream comes true too! 
    With warmest regards
    Sandra Peachey
    Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

    Check out my book - Peachey Letters - Love Letters to Life as featured in Psychologies, The Lady & Best Magazine
    Winner at the 2013 'Women Inspiring Women' Awards
    Nominee in two categories in the 'Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants' Awards, 2012 & 2013

    Tel. 07921 494363

  2. So summer, is still here and is segwaying September... a time to start again, a time to create dreams and fire works (and we're not talking about Bonfire Night here!).

    Let's keep on enjoying the summer ambience - isn't it great to make the most of weather, enjoy time outside and know that it is the perfect time to relight the fire in your belly..?

    You know - that entrepreneurial spirit bursting to get out - once the summer is over it will be time to take action!

    As Autumn gently reaches out to me, I am contemplating the absolutely amazing year I've had already - one where I have published TWO books, won a 'Women Inspiring Women' Award and seen my business continue to grow and thrive... It is has been real pinch my self stuff!  In all honesty it hasn't all been plain sailing, but then life never is in my experience! I love how Damsels in Success Founder Lucie Bradbury says it can be about not having a good day, but a good moment! 

    Me at the F-Factor Video shoot... living the dream

    And being a Damsel in Success myself has meant that I do two very specific things to ensure both my sanity and success:  Firstly to reach out and ask when I want support (my natural tendency is to hide under a stone and cry!), being specific about what I want; and secondly if something is a STRUGGLE, then I stop!  I don't push on regardless, resentful and hurtful.  I pause, I rest and I recalibrate... Sometimes this takes seconds and sometimes weeks, yet the world keeps turning and when I focus on what is important, the wheel will turn my way, when it's time to catch up!  Two really simple things, yet they make a world of difference...

    So that was MY world.  To support YOU in getting back to business with a bang, I've got some amazing September events planned for you:

    Firstly - Join Networking Mummies Founder Laura and myself as we get you 'Blogging for Business' - for just £15.00, at our workshop in Warwick on 10 September.  Want to know more?  Follow this link for the low down.

    Next, on 13 September it is time to 'Find Your F-Factor' at our Master Class and Book Launch in London.  Damsels in Success has created a blueprint for women to live the lives they want and get inspiration and support along the way... We are sharing our strategies on how to do this in a series of master classes, with the authors of the Damsels in Success book The F-Factor; and then we will celebrate with champagne, networking and an all around fabulous live event, which will change your thinking and make your life as a woman easier and more satisfying.  I still have a limited number of tickets left at £59.00 - read the reviews and check out the details here...

    Pssst - by the way: if you purchase these tickets from the Damsels in Success central office, you will be charged £59.00 plus VAT.  Buy them from ME and they will be VAT free, saving you £11.80!

    The Wyndham Hotel, Chelsea Harbour, in London - our Master Class venue

    And then, on 18 September, it is time to 'Get Back to Business' - our local live event in Ashby de la Zouch, designed so that 2013 ends the way you want it to...

    At Damsels in Success we know that the best way to take action is to focus on your ‘business agenda’ and then produce a realistic plan for the rest of the year.

    We also know it doesn’t have to be scary, and your local Damsels in Success group is here to help you every step of the way.  You see, at the next meeting (Book your seat by clicking here)

    • You’ll gain absolute clarity & confidence
    • So you will have all the tools
    • And the vision to create YOUR business plan

    September’s local Damsels in Success meeting is all about taking ACTION:

    • It’s time to put it into practice
    • To turn your ideas into results, with
    • No more sitting on the fence
    • No more procrastinating
    • No more waiting for the perfect moment

    It's time to get your tailored ‘business plan’ ready

    • It must get you excited
    • It must get you motivated

    BECAUSE you’ll have more chance of taking action

    And Action = RESULTS!

    Here are more benefits waiting for you when you book your seat for your local Damsels in Success meeting!

    You’ll discover:

    • How to make the rest of this year count and end it with a bang
    • Why you MUST Get clear on your plan so you can take massive action
    • How to put pen to paper and producea Business Plan that any bank manager would be proud of!
    • Why you should ‘Publically’ commit to a specific project - to complete by the end of year, and what will happen if you don’t and
    • How to Receive SUPPORT & RESOURCES & ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure you have 'Success with Ease'.

    Attend this meeting and you’ll be glad you did...



    Click here to reserve your free place and I look forward to seeing you, at a national or local Damsels' event very soon!

    With warm regards
    Sandra Peachey

    Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

    PS: If you are interested in becoming a Damsels in Success Director, with a business that grows both you AND your clients, whilst being supported by a friendly and professional team, here are all the details...

    Check out my book - Peachey Letters - Love Letters to Life as featured in Local Press, the BBC, Psychologies & The Lady
    Winner at the 2013 'Women Inspiring Women' Awards
    Nominee in two categories in the 'Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants' Awards, 2012 & 2013

    Tel. 07921 494363

  3. It is still most definitely summer and apparently we are due ANOTHER heat wave next week!  How have you been spending this gorgeous summer season???
    If you fancy a night out with like hearted women this week, it's the last call for the Damsels in Success Summer Social gathering tomorrow evening, (19th August).  We are meeting at The Vine in Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire for a meal and get together.  Just book yourself in here if you would like to come along...
    The next BIG reason for getting in touch today is the launch of 'The F-Factor' - the first ever Damsels in Success book, of which, of course I am one of the authors!
    It has been all systems go at Damsels central as we polish the book to perfection, film the promo video and organise the Book Launch and Master Class, set for Friday 13 September.  

    It is going to be a fantastic event held at the Wyndham Grand Hotel, at Chelsea Harbour in London.  And you will be attending not just a launch - but a Master Class too...
    Why a Master Class?
    We will be teaching the strategies that we reveal in the book, live - and yes - I will be one of the presenters up there on stage sharing how to live and love the life you choose!  And after the Master Class we will officially launch the book and wet her head with champagne!  We are already receiving rave reviews, which you can check out here...
    As part of the package you will also receive a copy of the book, get to network and be part of a fantastic high vibration event.   Tickets are now on sale at just £59.00. 
    There is also a very special VIP Upgrade, which will include: a goodie bag, lots of additional freebies from the Damsels Directors, PLUS an additional Master Class with Damsels' Founder Lucie Bradbury on how a team of 9 women came together and created a phenomenal book and an amazing marketing process.   
    Which ever option you would like, check out all the details here...
    If you have any comments or questions on any of this, please let me know???
    Well, that is more than enough excitement for now - enjoy the rest of your week and I look forward to catching up with you again VERY soon :-)
    With love and laughter
    Sandra Peachey
    Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

    PS: Book for the September meeting too and then you can enjoy a summer of reflection and get Damsels In Success's help to end 2013 on a massive high!

    Check out my book - Peachey Letters - Love Letters to Life as featured in Psychologies, The Lady & Best Magazine
    Winner at the 2013 'Women Inspiring Women' Awards
    Nominee in two categories in the 'Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants' Awards, 2012 & 2013

    Tel. 07921 494363

  4. Well it really IS Juicy June for me!  Some big changes have been happening in my life lately... do you recognise the scenario - those sorts of changes that you don't feel that you have consciously planned and then they start to affect your health, wealth and relationships???  I had all 3 of those, (a big client contract ending, a health scare and relationship stuff) so I started the month somewhat anxiously wondering what the future holds... You see I am a coach and mentor not because I am some kind of amazing guru (well may be ;-)), but as someone who really wants a high level of support and knowledge herself and thinks that in turn, these are fabulous gifts to give back to the world...

    So the cliched pattern goes that I am now going to tell you that it has all turned out marvellously and that all is now hunky dory and perfect in Peachey land.  Well - yes and no, it's not all perfect! But isn't that life? - I am taking care of my health first of all, my contract ending means that I now have June off and can focus on issues closer to home / heart which I have been neglecting, and the Universe has most definitely been presenting me with new opportunities, clients and income streams that I hadn't even contemplated even a few weeks ago... 

    What I DO think is perfect though is that June is my birthday month and I feel like this year it has been parcelled up and given to me as a complete GIFT.  And the big pink ribbon on that gift was the fact that I won the award for Damsels in Success Director of the Year, at the 'Women Inspiring Women Awards!'.  As one of 12 Directors it was a real accolade and I am taking it as a positive sign for a stunning year in which I have also published my Peachey Letters book - now THAT is truly JUICY!

    That is me (in the middle) receiving my prize, with last years winner Michelle Clarke and MC James Lavers

    In fact it is SO juicy that to celebrate I am giving away a limited number of FREE 30 minute 'Winning Woman' coaching sessions, including a pyschometric profile (completed before the coaching).  In our session we will assess the top dreams and goals that are going to give you the juiciest 2013 ever and then create a Fast Track action plan to reach them... You will, quite simply get for free the unique services that I charge for in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.  Remember that I am taking June slowly, so I only have limited availability and this means that the offer holds for the remainder of this month only.  To get this juicy opportunity - follow this link and register for your own one to one Winning Woman session here... 

    And the fab free stuff just keeps rolling in!  This months theme at Damsels in Success
    is Feel Good on the Inside – Look Good on the Out, being held on the evening of Wednesday 19 June.  So... as a woman, we know that BOTH inside out and outside in affect our energy, confidence and ability to juggle the crazy complexity of our modern day lives.  We believe in 'Success with Ease' at Damsels in Success, but that isn't just about financial success. How do you fuel your success in ALL areas of your life???  Learn our powerful Damsels strategies for having more health and energy - for EVERYTHING you do...  Taking the stage with me next week is Rachel McGuinness, the 'Chief Resilience Officer' of Zest Life Style; her mission is to work with high performing people who want to understand more about how to optimise their energy and become the best they can be both personally and professionally.  The reason she set up Zest Lifestyle was to inspire people to get healthier, more energised and more focused by drawing from her own experiences in the corporate world; and on Wednesday she will be sharing her special strategies for women to get more zest into their lives!  To grab YOUR free place and a slice of birthday cake - please register here... And it's nearly my big 5 O birthday (22 June) - so that has GOT to be worth celebrating (and we WILL be too)!

    In Birmingham, on Saturday 8 June, Damsels in Success sponsored the 2013 Women Inspiring Women Awards for the second year running.  It was a stunning high vibration evening, celebrating the inspirational achievements of wonderful women, across the UK and from all walks of life... I am very proud to be a winner of an award and whilst the official pictures aren't 'officially' released yet, you can take a sneaky peek at my own photo album of the night here...

    The Damsels Directors with CEO Lucie Bradbury

    OK, OK, so I've snuck a couple of awards official pics out and the one above is me with Damsels CEO Lucie Bradbury and some of my sister Damsels in Success Directors, celebrating a fabulous night.  Nearly 5 years ago I became a member of Damsels in Success and have never looked back since - creating my own thriving coaching business and becoming one of the first Damsels in Success Directors - setting up the beautiful Burton upon Trent group.  Now we are recruiting to give more amazing women the same opportunity to set up their very own group and are holding a Directors' 'Discovery Day' on 28 June.  Would you love to work with a close knit, professional team, with super support and infra-structure to set up your own Damsels in Success group?  Then check out all the details of our upcoming Discover Day here...

    Well, that's my latest Blog, with added zest AND juice ;-)... Anyways - I gotta go - I've got a big birthday to plan for...  YOU have a Juicy June too - what ever you get up to :-).

  5. Tomorrow (Friday 9 May) is the last day for nominations for the Women Inspiring Women Awards sponsored by Damsels in Success.  It’s not too late to put forward an amazing woman you know who has made a difference, and that amazing woman can even be YOU!!! 

    How do you feel about that?  At times like these, when client’s self confidence ‘stuff’ comes up, I always quote this little saying – ‘if you want to play in the orchestra you have to blow your own trumpet’ – it’s so true and is something taught to me by business coach and mentor Laura Morris – founder of 2 successful businesses and winner of a number prestigious awards herself... Here is what she has to say on the subject:

    “Entering business awards? Are you too scared?

    Back in 2009 I had recently set up my new business Rentabuggy. This was the first proper business I had set up and I was still at the very early stages of finding my feet. Six months later I unfortunately found myself a single mum with my daughter and my confidence in myself and the business was at an all time low.

    One night I was sat in pizza hut with my daughter (who was about 3 at the time) and unsure what to do I rang my mum and told her my thoughts and asked her what she thought I should do. I really wanted her to say that she knew I could carry on and build the business but because she wanted the best for me she said she thought I should find a full time job and shut the business down. As I was on the phone to my mum my phone was beeping me to tell me there was another call trying to get through. After the call I listened to my voicemail and it was from BT. I instantly thought they were trying to sell me something but as I listened deeper the voice at the end of the phone was telling me I had entered into a business competition with BT and I was a 1 in 5 finalist and I could potentially win £10,000! To say I was shocked was an understatement as I couldn't even remember entering the competition!

    I was told I needed to come to London the following week and pitch to a board of people. I was awash with excitement and nervousness but I knew I couldn't miss the opportunity.

    I went to London the following week and I would love to tell you I won but I didn't BUT what I did learn was that I could achieve something if I put my mind to it and I knew then that I shouldn't shut my business down. Also, yes I didn't win but I got some great nationally press from it and Rentabuggy started to grow.

    I went on to enter many awards where I have won, been shortlisted and even a finalist which in turn got the business mentioned in national papers, local publications and the radio.

    Many of us find it hard to enter awards as we feel that we are blowing our own trumpet but isn't it time YOU were recognised for all the hard work you have done?”

    Do you recognise some of what Laura went through before she got that call???  And look at the results - now she teaches her clients in turn that entering awards is an incredibly easy and effective way of getting the recognition, publicity and exposure that you and your business deserve.  The press and media generally LOVE awards and winners and even the fact that you have been nominated should always be celebrated.  And if the vote of confidence comes from your self – that really is the BEST place to start!

    And with its second annual Award ceremony – ‘Women Inspiring Women’, Damsels in Success is offering you 9 categories / opportunities to get yourself seen and rewarded.  What have you got to lose???  Still nervous...???   Then get a friend or colleague to nominate you... but do it QUICKLY – the deadline for entering nominations is TOMORROW – Friday 9 May!!! 

    Award Pic

    Winners & Nominees at last years glittering ceremony

    Here are the 9 categories you can nominate for:

    • Coach/Mentor
    • Trainer/Speaker
    • Overcoming Adversity
    • Women’s Role Model/Advocate
    • Shining Online
    • Woman to Watch/Rising Star
    • Author/Blogger
    • Woman in the Community
    • Business Growth

    To add YOUR nominations for yourself / other fabulous women you know, and to find out more about this inspirational event - held on 8 June in Birmingham, please follow this link...

    And nominate, nominate, NOMINATE - cos I know that women every where are worth it and that YOU are worth it most of all!!!

    With love and laughter...


    Sandra Peachey
    Director, Damsels in Success - Burton on Trent & Author of Peachey Letters