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  1. The Wonderful World of Love

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    Wow, it’s been busy times in the wonderful world of Peachey Days ... 

    I’m currently gearing up to run my fabulous new business programme for start ups, called ‘Business in a Box’ and as I was selling the idea to another business coach, she got very excited and said, ‘I can’t wait - let’s do a Workshop together on Selling now’!  Well NOW is actually 15 March and the event is the Sales Boot Camp that teaches you how NOT to sell! 

    You see I don’t know about you, but the mere world ‘sales’ can strike fear into me, reminding me of how I started my career - plodding round industrial estates selling photo copiers on foot ... well it has to be said that both me and the world of sales have come a long way since then ... My initial forays into sales taught me a lot and I applied many of the principles learnt to my long career in the corporate world – ensuring that individuals and organisations achieved and then beat their sales targets. 

    I’ve trained and developed work forces in marketing, retail and the manufacturing world and then I got to apply my learning to my own business – now that’s when it got REALLY interesting!  I used to be obsessed with pouncing on would be clients and being almost desperate that they MUST buy my wares or else just decide that I would rather doing the ironing than sell something on other days (and if you knew how much I loath ironing then you would know how crazy that is)! 

    So together with the Award winning Laura Morris of Educate Business, we have put together an intensive sales boot camp which shows you how to sell with ease – yes ease, because you will use your natural strengths, passions and enthusiasms to encourage clients to buy – so selling then becomes redundant ...  Intrigued ..?  Find out more here.

    Being a leader of Damsels in Success is keeping me busy too and this fabulous female phenomena is glowing and growing from strength to strength and has just found five more fantastic females to create and lead new groups around the UK ... to get a sneaky peek at them - check out their pictures and vital statistics on our Damsels in Success Facebook Page and if you haven’t already, give the page a ‘Like’ too, so you can get all the updates and goss’ as soon as they happen.

    And if you’d (pardon the pun) LOVE to know more about Damsels in Success, then come along to our next event – next week on the evening of 15 February, where our guest speaker Alex Santaro Emmerson will share her secrets of ‘Love: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom’.  There’ll be wisdom, support, tea and cake in almost equal quantities, so make sure you reserve your free place online.

  2. Have a Peachey Christmas!

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    So the calendar changed to 1 November and suddenly the retail world was getting ready for Christmas – mince pies and Christmas trees in the shops, Yule tide adverts on the telly and ho ho ho – into Christmas we will go!

    christmas blogPeople are counting down the days, stashing away their early present shopping and the sense of anticipation starts to build. 

    It’s a time for celebration, of family and coming together, of remembering long lost friends on your Christmas card list, of bringing down the decorations from the attic, blowing off the dust and bedecking your home.  Then there are the parties, the writing of the cards, and the wrapping of the presents and how many Turkey Dinners before the big day on The 25th of December?

    Christmas really is a time of community and yet so often, people can feel so alone, so stressed and so stretched.  It’s a long time for anticipation to build and yet some how, couples can bicker, families fall out and tempers fray, when all around us it seems that it really should be the season of good will.

    At Damsels in December we are concentrating on celebration, community and creation.  We will focus on importance of community and celebrate the fabulous female phenomena of Damsels in Success.  We will also be celebrating the big C in our very special and unique Damsels style and this involves the creation part …

    Not only that, we will ALSO give you the Damsel’s Recipe for a stress free and joyous Christmas, so that December will be the month of the delicious Damsel, enjoying Christmas without chaos, a yummy Yuletide and lots of other fabulous acronyms all leading up to 2012 … the best year yet!

    Join us on the evening of Wednesday 14th December in Ashby de la Zouch and let your Christmas season sizzle and sparkle. Sign up for FREE here.

    Have a Peachey Christmas!

    Sandie x

  3. Fireworks For The Soul

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    November the 5th came round again and so me and a gaggle of friends, from 50 to 3, crammed in to a car and made our way to our local public display, waiting patiently in slow traffic and then joining the crowds shuffling along the pavement expectantly to our sparkly destination. There were hotdogs, fair ground rides and people of all ages who had dug out their winter scarves, hats and gloves for the very first time this year. 

    November Bonfire Pic

    Having queued for the loo and the food, we were ready to be wowed and so when the fireworks began, we weren't disappointed ... 

    The first rockets exploded and I found myself with a huge smile on my face. The rockets whizzed, banged, flashed and sparkled. We cheered, clapped, oohed and ah'ed. And amongst it all, I reflected how much I still love fireworks, how they can carry me back to the excitement of being a child again and how they make me feel so ALIVE. 

    I've seen fireworks so many times in my life, yet they never fail to fill my head with light, spectacle and joy. 

    So what are YOUR fireworks, what do you have in your life to take you out of the ordinary, lift you and let you sizzle and soar??? For me of course it's fireworks, it's dancing to 80s hits with friends, it's cooking for loved ones, cuddling a purring cat and so many more fab things ... All pleasures to treasure, all guaranteed to help me sparkle and shine. 

    It can be a favourite book, an old film watched on a Saturday afternoon ... seconds, hours or days of time set aside to give me space, inspiration, comfort and joy. 

    All deliberate acts of kindness to myself. Because let's face it, we can be the hardest on ourselves, not always deliberately take care of ourselves and find ourselves falling into routines where work, family, etc, etc becomes all consuming and rest and play for ourselves may or may not get factored in.  

    So stop and think about giving priority to your rest and play - for the psychological and emotional benefits to you and so, it follows, in turn to those around you, as you then shine brighter. Just think about what opportunities you can create for pause and for play - the fireworks for your soul - what you will do, for you, to make those moments, hours and days of comfort and joy? 

    For me - a few weeks ago, I was getting caught up in all the things I had to do, getting worried and overwhelmed, so I sat down and created opportunities for my fireworks for the soul ... So for starters, this week sees me going to a gorgeous country hotel for afternoon tea and champagne with a loved friend - giving me my 'fireworks' and giving her a treat and a break too. I'm enjoying the thought of it already :-). And some how, the other commitments are met, the work gets done AND I get the 'fireworks'. 

    So it's time to find YOUR fireworks ... enjoy the planning, enjoy the doing and I look forward to sharing the sparkle with you...

    With sparkles and stars.


    Founder - Peachey Days

  4. Women! Create your own Fireworks this November!

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    So … have you ever heard of in-door fireworks?  Well at my next Damsels in Success event - on 16 November, we are all about creating our OWN sparkle!

    Sparkle Inside

    Now if I were to ask you if you would love to have more happiness, success and fulfilment in your life … I’m guessing the answer would be a resounding yes!

    So let me ask you another simple question:

    Just WHAT is stopping you from getting it then?

    Well maybe you know or may be it’s more elusive than that … either way, you know you would like things to be better or different …

    The things is, most of us say ‘yes’ to wanting more happiness, success and fulfilment, but we never give ourselves the time (or even ask ourselves the question) to find out what is stopping us from getting all what we want … and more besides.

    At Peachey Days with my women’s self-development group; Damsels in Success we truly believe that women really can have more, and each month we join together at our Burton group in Ashby de la Zouch and within our amazing online community across the UK, and explore exactly how we go about doing just that.

    Sparkle from the Inside Out

    Join us as we celebrate with fireworks and extra sparkle this month, on the evening of 16 November, at the Royal Hotel in Ashby de la Zouch and to make the proceedings extra amazing, we have an extremely special guest joining us: Life Transformation Mentor - Natasha Abudarham, helps women get out of their own way, understand who they really are and then live their purpose.

    Natasha spent years searching for something more in her life and each time she thought she’d found it, she soon realized it wasn’t ‘right’. Her quest took her across the world to try life in 5 different countries, changing her job 8 times, moving house 15 times and as for boyfriends - well! No matter what she did or where she went, Happiness, Fulfilment and Success simply seemed to elude her.

    And then she realised it wasn’t her external world, but her internal one that really needed to change and she’ll be telling us exactly how, at our fabulous November event.

    During her inspirational talk, Natasha will share with you:

    • The 3 crucial areas that are dampening your Sparkle right now
    • The biggest culprit affecting your Self-Esteem and Confidence
    • The unseen things you are doing every day that stand in the way of your dreams
    • The cause of physical pain and sickness

    You will also learn how to:

    • Create more Happiness, Fulfilment and Success in your life
    • Align with the real you and your what gifts you have
    • And how to let your life flow with ease and grace

    Sounds like the perfect way to lighten up those cold autumn nights, so put 16 November in your diary and make a date to sparkle!  Book on-line for this event - it’s fabulous and free (to all first timers)!  Simply complete your details here and together we’ll create own gorgeous fireworks – my favourite is the Catherine Wheel – what’s yours?!

    With love and laughter

       Sandie x

    Peachey Days Founder / Leader – Damsels in Success – Burton on Trent

  5. Panorama: Finished at Fifty? The Peachey Work Perspective

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    50On Monday 4 April, BBC 1 aired Panorama: ‘Finished at Fifty’, where Reporter Fiona Phillips met and followed the fortunes of four unemployed people over the age of fifty who were struggling to find work.

    Panorama tells us this is not unusual: between now and 2015 in the public sector alone, there will be 400,000 redundancies, with 60% of them being men and women over 50.  Beyond the public sector the message is that if you find yourself out of work in your fifties, you're far less likely to find a new job than any other age group.

    Of course Panorama always looks at the political angle and Employment Minister Chris Grayling attempted to paint a positive picture by suggesting that increases in private-sector jobs will compensate for the fall in public-sector employment.

    What Fiona Phillips presents to us is a group of people looking for work, but instead getting stacks of rejection letters and facing an uncertain future after a lifetime at work.  Lord Digby Jones - House of Lords peer and international business man - then challenges our job seekers to change their approach to job-hunting.  However, looking at internet forum discussions on the programme, it seems that many viewers were left feeling no better off or that they had no workable solutions to move them forward.

    Interesting then to listen to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, (4 April 2011) which interviewed Lindy Griffiths – one of the four Panorama job seekers – who was made redundant last year, having worked in education for much of her career.  Lindy explains that when Panorama was filmed she was going through a bad time, but that now things are picking up and she has re-titled her experience as ‘Fresh Start at Fifty’, having since gone through a huge transformation. 

    Lindy found that her confidence was shaken and she was terrified of having to start over again from scratch.  She felt she was stuck in a rut until she heard a quote which really struck a chord with her: ‘A rut is a grave with both ends kicked out’.  Lindy decided that she really had to do something about climbing out of her rut, so she set about broadening her horizons, building relationships with people that would give her opportunities and taking a positive approach to finding new work.

    Also taking part in the interview was Occupational Psychologist Sue Firth, who reminds us that redundancy is extraordinarily painful for any one at any age.  She goes on to say that job seekers have to learn the art of selling themselves and it’s not a skill that everyone excels at.  She explains too that job seekers (facing interviews) have to get practice – understanding the types of questions than can be asked and how to manage their nerves. 

    Ultimately she tells us that people’s perception of redundancy is the critical factor in moving on.  Of course you can’t help but take it personally and it’s often traumatic, but at the end of the day, don’t buy into the concept that you are now on the scrapheap.

    Peachey Work totally agrees that no one should feel that they are on the scrapheap and that job search success is down to a combination of taking action, getting practical know how and also support to get you motivated and in to work.  None of these will have any real effect though, unless you take a positive spin on what you have to offer the world of work and so Peachey Work believes in providing both practical work and inspirational motivation. 

    For more information on how we can support YOUR job search, contact Sandra Peachey on 07921 494363 / and check out our services on the Peachey Work page of this website.

     With warm regards


    Founder – Peachey Days