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  1. Let's Get Set for Summer by NOT walking up someone else’s hill...

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    I’m just back from a walking break in Devon and am currently in that post apocalyptic holiday phase where I am surrounded by piles of laundry and packing that has exploded from the suitcase all around the house and now demands to be sorted and returned to its’ various rightful places …   

    Yesterday I was sitting looking at my very practical (wet and muddy) walking shoes (apparently the technical term for them is ‘Sports Utility Footwear’) any how, they are not particularly pretty and I was musing how different my feet then looked at the ‘Women Inspiring Women Awards’ (sponsored by Damsels in Success) last week (9 June), – now THOSE shoes are gorgeous, ivory coloured, high platformed, glamour wedges – I loved wearing them – they are definitely outside my shoe comfort zone!


     My week in shoes … from muddy to glamorous … 

    Speaking of the ‘Women Inspiring Women Awards’ Did you know that two of our Burton members - Hayley Lloyd Wilkins and Clare Turner Marshall were nominated for Awards? And that our local Award Winners - Hayley for Burton and Claire Nelson for Glasgow, also went forward for the National Member prize - The Most Inspiring Damsel in Success??  Well I'm sure you know by now that Hayley not only won the Award for 'One to Watch', but also for the 'Most Inspiring' too - what a WOW for all of us!! I for one am incredibly proud and really can't wait to see what else is in store for Hayley and for ALL of us - can you?? 

    The Awards Ceremony was a fabulous evening, for so many reasons ... celebrating, meeting forum faces in the flesh, laughing and dancing - if you haven't already - do check out my pics here and share in the fun ... 
    So that was the start of my summer, and true to form, as an English summer – it had sun and rain in almost equal measure.  And on my holiday - towards the end of a very long walk in the wind and the rain, I had a choice … To follow the leader down a coastal path or to chose my own path to our home destination …  Now I believe that when your intuition tells you something strongly, you follow it and MY intuition at that moment was giving me VERY specific guidance to walk my own path (and not the one chosen by the leader and most of the group). 
    With another believing companion in tow, I headed over a very blustery Exmoor, wondering along the way if I had done the right thing …  After 20 minutes or so I realised that despite waterproofs, I was soaking wet and of course I really doubted my decision, but pushed on regardless – telling myself that it was only weather!  After an hour I reached the home straight and RAN the last 100 yards to get home over 30 minutes before the rest of the group, who were wet, annoyed and puzzled as to how we had got there first.  So yes – you know now that I am going to say that this is a lesson for life and of course it IS!

    So where is YOUR summer taking you to?  Is it leading you to worry about the Christmas weight you gained, to wonder about the state of your skin and summer style ..? Well at Damsels in Success, Summer is most definitely a state of mind and at our events this month we will be addressing both the inner and outer game – getting you set for a fabulous summer – where you will dare to bare your skin AND your soul!  We’ve got some fabulous contributors who are going to help us ALL ‘Get Set for Summer’ in true Damsels in Success style – join my event and see me in action in Glasgow on the 26 June

    2 of our Get Set for Summer Contributors are Hayley Lloyd Wilkins & Lyn Bromley - our Skin and Style experts

    With Summer flying by, June will soon melt into July and then it is time for my next Sales Bootcamp on 10th July at the Mallory Court Hotel (near Leamington Spa).  Due to popular demand, both myself and business partner Laura Morris of Educate Business will show you how not to sell, but instead how to encourage your customers to buy. It’s a whole different ethos that will show you how to play to your own unique strengths – the very things that make your business stand out. 

    Using the psychology of psychometric profiling, you will get a detailed report of your own unique selling style and we will then show you how to play not just to your strengths – but your market place too, in order to radicalise and maximise your ‘buyability’. Not only that, but you will then receive in-depth knowledge and skills with our proven tips, tricks and techniques designed to easily create and then close a sale.  Delegates are restricted to a maximum of 6 and the price of £199.00 includes your psychometric report, lunch and refreshments.  Check out the details here. 

    That’s all your Peachey News and Views for now – here’s wishing you a fabulous summer of love, laughter and sunshine.

  2. A Gift to Celebrate – my Love Letter for You and More Reasons to Celebrate too …

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    Here I am, most definitely in celebration mode, in some senses with nothing special to celebrate and yet with so much going on that I can say ‘ye-ay’ and ‘hurrah’ to too … 

    And you may well wonder what with my fringe growing into my eyes and all, that I can’t see or make sense of whether I should or shouldn’t celebrate … So let me make it clear, it is ALWAYS time to celebrate, so let’s decide to make that a conscious choice, even if that choice at times seems crazy.  So, given the heartfelt choice – would you choose to criticize or celebrate in any given situation?  And how would it be if you consciously choose to celebrate YOU and all that you do?  Is that just plain crazy or is it consciously creative?  I know which one I choose to choose!  

    So being in celebratory mode I have chosen to write my latest ‘Love Letter to Life’ all about Celebration – check it out here and feel free to browse my other Peachey Letters too – they are all my gift to you.

    As a Damsel in Success I have SO many reasons to celebrate right now – in fact at our live local events this month we all are choosing to Celebrate Women – check out our website here to find your nearest celebratory get together, (you can next see ME in action at our Glasgow event on the 29th). 

    And from Local to National – ‘The Women Inspiring Women National Awards’ sponsored by Damsels in Success is happening on the 9th of June in Birmingham.  This fabulous black tie ceremony is celebrating fantastic women – those who have made an amazing difference (in 10 different categories), both inside and outside the world of Damsels in Success.  Are YOU one of these amazing women?  Then it is time to nominate yourself!  Do you KNOW such a woman?  Then nominate HER!  You have until 24 May to let the world know that another woman wants to be celebrated … And not only that - come along and join in the celebration yourself – it is going to be a fabulous affair, with a 3 course meal and celebration party thrown in.  You and whoever you would love to bring with you (man or woman!) are cordially invited to join us at the Crowne Plaza, Birmingham (near the NEC).  To nominate and to book your place, just click here

    As a Damsels in Success Leader I have many reasons to celebrate and every time we get a new sister leader, I do that big style, as does the whole Damsels team!  So could it be that you want to celebrate too and give yourself a life changing opportunity?  An opportunity to put yourself out there, to support other women, to lead, to shine a light on the world of women and support them in making their dreams become real?  Want to discover more?  Then come along to one of our next Leader Discovery days on either 12 June or 12 July – click here if you want to know more

    Wow – that is a whole lot of celebrating going on J.  Thank you for taking the time to celebrate with me and I look forward to spending more celebrations with you again soon.

  3. Go from Clogged to Creative: Happy April!

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    Wow, what a month it's been for me! First off to the fabulous Dan Bradbury Super Conference to promote Damels in Success with the rather 'pink' stand and secondly I'm still basking in the success of my Sales Bootcamp coaching and training day that I hosted with the lovely Laura Morris. We have some FAB video testimonials from the day to show you - They will be available on next month's newsletter. I wonder what this month shall bring?

    I will sneak a thirdly in here too! From last months Damsels in Success event: ‘Step into your Entrepreneurial Energy'. Wow, what a night! Here is just some of the feedback that I have since received:


    Last night was fabulous. I got so much from it and I love meeting up with such an amazing group of women. Thank you. Xx

    ~ Caroline Ashby


    Thank you for a great night Sandie!

    ~ Karen Edgar


    Wow! wow! wow! we really rocked it last night with our entrepreneurial energy at last nights Damsels in Burton meeting! The gorgeous Sandie Peachey led an action packed meeting and a fab evening was had by all.

    ~ Hayley Lloyd Wilkins


    It was great, fabulous stories from the members and Sandie pulled it all together brilliantly!

    ~ Susan Brookes


    A fantastic evening in Ashby (my first Damsels meet) thank you to Sandie and all.

    ~ Toni Hibbert


    We are on a journey together, and there’s no stopping us now! What a fantastic Damsel's evening – The place was rocking with the entrepreneurial energy, revelations and happy tears!

    ~ Rebecca Harvey


    Damsels in Success - New Leaders

    As a woman how would it be if 2012 were the year you made a positive difference to the world and inspired other women to create and live the life of their dreams … whilst you do the same in your own business?

    Are you ready to lead the eve-olution? Then join the Damsel in Success team as Leader!

    Have you got what it takes to show women how to create and live the life they would choose?

    If you want to know more then click here.


    Go from Clogged to Creative...

    This month would you like to learn how to get into your creative flow and achieve 'Success with Ease', then come along to our next Damsels in Success event.

    Which is on Wednesday 18th April 2012 where I will be sharing the secrets of harnessing your inner Creative Goddess.

    There’ll be wisdom, support, tea and cake in almost equal quantities, so make sure you reserve your !!FREE!! place online.


    Peachey Book

    Following the success of my Peachey Letters Blog, I have been approached by a publishing company to turn the letters into a book. Exciting news.

    I will keep you updated with information as it happens. I am very excited!

    The letters are my gift to you and are available for you to read at your leisure:

  4. Love, love, love ... it’s easy ... isn’t it?

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    Well February is upon us and so is the Peachey Days Newsletter, which is going to be shorter and even sweeter than usual ... if that were possible ;-), and from now on, instead of one long, monthly email, I’m going to divide and conquer and send you shorter, weekly slices of Peachey fabulousness to entertain, inspire and update you.


    “Love, love, love ... it’s easy ...” isn’t it? And yes, I agree that “love is a many splendored thing” ... well it is when you’re in it and it’s going well ... 

    Do you ever stop and think about the love in your life ... who you give it to and where you get it from?  In strange contrast it can be something that so many of us yearn for, (especially in the romantic sense) and then the rest of the time something we pay very little attention to.  And we can certainly take it for granted and that’s when we don’t tend to give it the attention it most definitely deserves – and I’m not talking Valentine’s Cards here ...

    One of my favourite lessons at school, was all about love and the four definitions that the ancient Greeks gave to it: 

    • Agápe is that kind of deep unconditional love we have say for a new born child. It can also mean a feeling of being content or holding someone in high regard.
    • Éros is passionate love, which often (but not necessarily comes) with sensual desire and longing ... yes the good old-fashioned Valentine’s Day type that most of us associate with the phrase being ‘in love’.
    • Philia means friendship or affectionate love and is the feeling we have for friends, our wider family ties, and community.
    • Storge means the natural affection we often have on a day to day basis, like that felt for pets and those people in our lives we are fond of.

    So what kind of love do you have in your life? And would you love it to be more and better??

    Well at Damsels in Success, February is most definitely the month of love, so how appropriate is it that the day AFTER St Valentines Day, on the evening of Wednesday 15 February, we have gorgeous guest speaker Alex Santaro Emmerson, AKA the ‘Love Life Coach’ who will be sharing her 6 hot tips to love and passion – be we single, searching for love or in a relationship ... Alex is an entertaining and engaging speaker, so I would love for you to join us in Ashby de la Zouch.  And the great news is, that it’s free for all first timers and since it’s a new year – to returners too.  Just click here to book your place on-line and I’d LOVE to meet you there ... (couldn’t resist that one ...)

  5. Have a Peachey Christmas!

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    So the calendar changed to 1 November and suddenly the retail world was getting ready for Christmas – mince pies and Christmas trees in the shops, Yule tide adverts on the telly and ho ho ho – into Christmas we will go!

    christmas blogPeople are counting down the days, stashing away their early present shopping and the sense of anticipation starts to build. 

    It’s a time for celebration, of family and coming together, of remembering long lost friends on your Christmas card list, of bringing down the decorations from the attic, blowing off the dust and bedecking your home.  Then there are the parties, the writing of the cards, and the wrapping of the presents and how many Turkey Dinners before the big day on The 25th of December?

    Christmas really is a time of community and yet so often, people can feel so alone, so stressed and so stretched.  It’s a long time for anticipation to build and yet some how, couples can bicker, families fall out and tempers fray, when all around us it seems that it really should be the season of good will.

    At Damsels in December we are concentrating on celebration, community and creation.  We will focus on importance of community and celebrate the fabulous female phenomena of Damsels in Success.  We will also be celebrating the big C in our very special and unique Damsels style and this involves the creation part …

    Not only that, we will ALSO give you the Damsel’s Recipe for a stress free and joyous Christmas, so that December will be the month of the delicious Damsel, enjoying Christmas without chaos, a yummy Yuletide and lots of other fabulous acronyms all leading up to 2012 … the best year yet!

    Join us on the evening of Wednesday 14th December in Ashby de la Zouch and let your Christmas season sizzle and sparkle. Sign up for FREE here.

    Have a Peachey Christmas!

    Sandie x