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  1. Happy Monday

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    Hello again, 

    And a Very Happy Monday to you … Well in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and I’m certainly feeling the love … 

    This month I decided to set myself the challenge of writing a letter to the key players and objects of affection in my life, every single day of this Valentine February.  And this is my gift to you, so if you would like your share of the love, feel free to check them out here

    And my Damsels in Success event this Wednesday evening (15th February, Ashby de la Zouch) is about the love too … be you single and looking for love, or in a relationship ...  To make it extra special, we have a gorgeous guest speaker: Alex Santaro-Emmerson, AKA ‘The Love Life Coach’.  Alex has such a warm wisdom and will be sharing her ‘Six Secrets to Love and Passion’ to create, keep and ignite the love in your life … 

    Alex has been causing waves up and down the UK on the Damsel’s National Tour:  See what all the fuss is about here.

    Here’s a testimonial from a guest at our Cardiff group:

    “Thank you so much for inviting me to the ‘Love’ meeting of Damsels. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I can honestly say that I got so much out of the morning its been amazing. In just 3 hours my thinking has been totally transformed and probably saved my 9 year relationship. Your words of wisdom have got me thinking about how I can be a better person and have a better more enjoyable life. Everyone woman should experience this brilliant group”.

    Of course we’d LOVE to meet you at Damsels, so you can come along and feel the love for free.  Not only that I’ll save you some cake … just book on-line here, to save your seat.

    So enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. The Wonderful World of Love

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    Wow, it’s been busy times in the wonderful world of Peachey Days ... 

    I’m currently gearing up to run my fabulous new business programme for start ups, called ‘Business in a Box’ and as I was selling the idea to another business coach, she got very excited and said, ‘I can’t wait - let’s do a Workshop together on Selling now’!  Well NOW is actually 15 March and the event is the Sales Boot Camp that teaches you how NOT to sell! 

    You see I don’t know about you, but the mere world ‘sales’ can strike fear into me, reminding me of how I started my career - plodding round industrial estates selling photo copiers on foot ... well it has to be said that both me and the world of sales have come a long way since then ... My initial forays into sales taught me a lot and I applied many of the principles learnt to my long career in the corporate world – ensuring that individuals and organisations achieved and then beat their sales targets. 

    I’ve trained and developed work forces in marketing, retail and the manufacturing world and then I got to apply my learning to my own business – now that’s when it got REALLY interesting!  I used to be obsessed with pouncing on would be clients and being almost desperate that they MUST buy my wares or else just decide that I would rather doing the ironing than sell something on other days (and if you knew how much I loath ironing then you would know how crazy that is)! 

    So together with the Award winning Laura Morris of Educate Business, we have put together an intensive sales boot camp which shows you how to sell with ease – yes ease, because you will use your natural strengths, passions and enthusiasms to encourage clients to buy – so selling then becomes redundant ...  Intrigued ..?  Find out more here.

    Being a leader of Damsels in Success is keeping me busy too and this fabulous female phenomena is glowing and growing from strength to strength and has just found five more fantastic females to create and lead new groups around the UK ... to get a sneaky peek at them - check out their pictures and vital statistics on our Damsels in Success Facebook Page and if you haven’t already, give the page a ‘Like’ too, so you can get all the updates and goss’ as soon as they happen.

    And if you’d (pardon the pun) LOVE to know more about Damsels in Success, then come along to our next event – next week on the evening of 15 February, where our guest speaker Alex Santaro Emmerson will share her secrets of ‘Love: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom’.  There’ll be wisdom, support, tea and cake in almost equal quantities, so make sure you reserve your free place online.

  3. Love, love, love ... it’s easy ... isn’t it?

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    Well February is upon us and so is the Peachey Days Newsletter, which is going to be shorter and even sweeter than usual ... if that were possible ;-), and from now on, instead of one long, monthly email, I’m going to divide and conquer and send you shorter, weekly slices of Peachey fabulousness to entertain, inspire and update you.


    “Love, love, love ... it’s easy ...” isn’t it? And yes, I agree that “love is a many splendored thing” ... well it is when you’re in it and it’s going well ... 

    Do you ever stop and think about the love in your life ... who you give it to and where you get it from?  In strange contrast it can be something that so many of us yearn for, (especially in the romantic sense) and then the rest of the time something we pay very little attention to.  And we can certainly take it for granted and that’s when we don’t tend to give it the attention it most definitely deserves – and I’m not talking Valentine’s Cards here ...

    One of my favourite lessons at school, was all about love and the four definitions that the ancient Greeks gave to it: 

    • Agápe is that kind of deep unconditional love we have say for a new born child. It can also mean a feeling of being content or holding someone in high regard.
    • Éros is passionate love, which often (but not necessarily comes) with sensual desire and longing ... yes the good old-fashioned Valentine’s Day type that most of us associate with the phrase being ‘in love’.
    • Philia means friendship or affectionate love and is the feeling we have for friends, our wider family ties, and community.
    • Storge means the natural affection we often have on a day to day basis, like that felt for pets and those people in our lives we are fond of.

    So what kind of love do you have in your life? And would you love it to be more and better??

    Well at Damsels in Success, February is most definitely the month of love, so how appropriate is it that the day AFTER St Valentines Day, on the evening of Wednesday 15 February, we have gorgeous guest speaker Alex Santaro Emmerson, AKA the ‘Love Life Coach’ who will be sharing her 6 hot tips to love and passion – be we single, searching for love or in a relationship ... Alex is an entertaining and engaging speaker, so I would love for you to join us in Ashby de la Zouch.  And the great news is, that it’s free for all first timers and since it’s a new year – to returners too.  Just click here to book your place on-line and I’d LOVE to meet you there ... (couldn’t resist that one ...)

  4. Life as a Damsel in Success

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    Happy New Year everyone. As we battle the January Sales, and finish off the last of the Christmas cake, I’ve been reflecting on 2011 and gearing up for 2012.

    Sale I love telling people that I lead a woman’s group called Damsels in Success, because more often than not, the first reaction will be … ‘what a great name’!

    Certainly is and it’s a great concept too … I’m not aware of anything quite like it and the fab thing is, that any woman can come along and try it out for free.  In fact, I will even throw in a cup of tea (or coffee ;-)) and some cake … if you come along to one of our events … so come along on in and see what we’re all about!

    So just WHAT is it all about then? Damsels in Success is a supportive, high-energy gathering of fabulous women, who want the lives they want, the way they want it!

    Now I joined this ‘eve-olution’ over 3 years ago & can honestly say that it has changed my life … in all sorts of superb ways. Before then I was doing the oh so feminine juggling act of family, work, housekeeping, gardening, being a social secretary & so much more besides. I ran around like a headless chicken, feeling, so much of the time, tired, ill, lonely, unhappy & unfulfilled …

    Well to cut a long voyage of self discovery short, I found Damsels in Success and from then on - every month I got a mega burst of fun & energy, as well as witnessing inspirational speakers, learning new living strategies & seeing myself in a whole new & positive light.

    Damsels in Success was, quite simply, the catalyst for me to change my life. It has allowed me to appreciate who I really am & to live the dream - MY dream - on my terms.  This all came about because even though I had a 9 to 5 job & the 50,000 pressing commitments that most of us have - I decided to commit time, effort & money in myself and my ‘investment’ has re-paid me huge dividends - in terms of the business I now run, the life style I chose to lead and the fabulous people I now get to spend my working life with.

    Having joined the original Damsels group in Warwick I knew this was going to be HUGE for women everywhere!  I am proud to say that I became the first woman that our Founder Lucie Bradbury has entrusted to take on the mantle of Leader and over the last 18 months Damsels in Success has gone from 1 group to 11, all over the UK AND held its first national conference (in November 2011).

    It has been a truly amazing time of life changing growth for so many women: Here is what some of our fabulous members and guests have to say about their experience of being a Damsel in Success and spending time with me:

    “Sandie takes her work seriously, in the sense that she is deeply committed to supporting the people she works with to achieve their goals and she isn't afraid to ask challenging questions to help them get there. At the same time though, she knows how to inject some light heartedness and fun into the proceedings. ~Helen Hobart

    Just want to say a big thank you to Sandie and our group of Damsels for last nights meeting at Burton. I gained a lot of strength, energy and support from our discussions and listening to others experiences. ~Jo Westwood

    Sandie is an inspiration and role model to others seeking to change their lives in a positive and stress free way. She is a good listener, she is thoughtful and intelligent with the ability to to get straight to the heart of a problem or situation. When speaking to a group she is able to draw people in, capture their attention and surprise them with an unexpected conclusion! This makes her fun and interesting. Sandra has the 'feel good' factor and is therefore energising to be around. ~Lynne Charlton

    Sandra is excellent at her job as leader of Damsels in Success. I always found Sandra to be very supportive, enthusiastic and her know-how was second to none. For self-development, enthusiasm and fun, Damsels in Success and Sandra as the leader is the place to be. ~Avril Mitchell

    “Damsels in Success is a great organisation for women looking to achieve their full potential. I attended as a member with Sandie two years ago and she has become an integral part of the Damsels team, taking the message from its home in Warwick out to the rest of the Country. Sandie is a lovely lady, with vision, integrity and who truly cares for those she works with.” ~ Roni Flatley

    “I am a member of Sandie's Burton based Damsels in Success group, and through this have had personal coaching with her. I find Sandie's approach to be very positive, thoughtful, considered, calm and yet energising. Every time I leave a Damsels meeting I am totally buzzing with ideas and motivation, thanks to Sandie's inspirational energy. I should also mention that Sandie goes beyond what is expected with her caring personal touch. Many a time I have received an email, phonecall or Facebook message giving individual support, follow up information or simply a suggestion of something that might be of interest. Sandie has great integrity and is a fantastic person to work with. I do not hesitate in recommending her services.”

    ~ Jo Westwood

    “I have attended Sandie's Damsels in Success self development / networking events on a number of occasions now and have always been blown away with the support for both my business and personal life. Sandie is down to earth, honest and really knows her stuff. She has a very approachable personality and really makes you feel valued to be part of her world. Her presentation and speaking skills are flawless and she makes sure that audience participation is kept the maximum! Thanks Sandie!”

    ~ Rebecca Harvey”


    And now 2012 is fast approaching, bringing with it the promise of … who knows what?!  I’m setting my intention that it will be the best year ever for all of us and to make that happen our January event is ‘Goal Setting for Goddesses’, where I will be sharing Damsel’s unique process for making ‘success with out the stress’ a fabulous, feminine reality, as I guide you through using your talents to create the actions that are going to give you your best year yet! 

    And may be, just may be, your New Years Resolutions have had a tendency to fall by the wayside in the past, well instead I am going to show you how to make your dreams and goals a reality and make 2012 the year of the Damsel in Success. 

    To join us, just sign up on the website – it’s free when you register on-line for the first time.  Yes: it all takes place on the evening of 18 January, at the Royal Hotel in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, within easy driving of Leicester, Burton on Trent, Nottingham and Derby (to name but a few!).

    I’m looking forward to another amazing year and can’t wait to see how it all turns out – for YOU and for me!

    With love and laughter from,

    Sandie xx 

    Leader – Damsels in Success: Burton upon Trent

  5. Have a Peachey Christmas!

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    So the calendar changed to 1 November and suddenly the retail world was getting ready for Christmas – mince pies and Christmas trees in the shops, Yule tide adverts on the telly and ho ho ho – into Christmas we will go!

    christmas blogPeople are counting down the days, stashing away their early present shopping and the sense of anticipation starts to build. 

    It’s a time for celebration, of family and coming together, of remembering long lost friends on your Christmas card list, of bringing down the decorations from the attic, blowing off the dust and bedecking your home.  Then there are the parties, the writing of the cards, and the wrapping of the presents and how many Turkey Dinners before the big day on The 25th of December?

    Christmas really is a time of community and yet so often, people can feel so alone, so stressed and so stretched.  It’s a long time for anticipation to build and yet some how, couples can bicker, families fall out and tempers fray, when all around us it seems that it really should be the season of good will.

    At Damsels in December we are concentrating on celebration, community and creation.  We will focus on importance of community and celebrate the fabulous female phenomena of Damsels in Success.  We will also be celebrating the big C in our very special and unique Damsels style and this involves the creation part …

    Not only that, we will ALSO give you the Damsel’s Recipe for a stress free and joyous Christmas, so that December will be the month of the delicious Damsel, enjoying Christmas without chaos, a yummy Yuletide and lots of other fabulous acronyms all leading up to 2012 … the best year yet!

    Join us on the evening of Wednesday 14th December in Ashby de la Zouch and let your Christmas season sizzle and sparkle. Sign up for FREE here.

    Have a Peachey Christmas!

    Sandie x