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Wow - talk about coming out of my comfort zone ...

No sooner had I recorded my video blogs & tips, (many thanks for all the positive feedback :-)) than I had the great idea of recording interviews with 2 of my personal mentors - the fabulous Richard Wilkins and Liz Ivory - the Co-Creators of 'Broadband Consciousness'.

It all seemed such a good idea, since I had been sharing their deceptively simple, yet amazingly profound teachings with my ‘Damsels in Success’ self development clubs in both the East and West Midlands.

Liz and Richard are warm, genuine and colourful characters and they have had a tremendous impact on my life, especially in my understanding of myself - even though I thought I already knew me! Not only that - but my understanding of everyone around me changed and that in turn meant that my view of work, relationships and well – everything shifted into new and more exciting realms.

So the interviews didn't seem a stretch ... until that is I started to worry about what questions to ask, how to manage the technology of recording them and so next thing I know - "blah, blah, blah" – the voice of self doubt starts nagging me - pointing out all the pit falls of my foray into Oprah Winfrey territory ... Have YOU got that negative voice in your head – the one that tells you all the pit falls, problems and perils associated with the task in hand? 

Well fortunately Richard and Liz have taught me all about this, they call it the 'script' and so instead of falling into the pit of peril, I chose to ignore it and to then get excited instead! As it turns out I really enjoyed the whole experience and will definitely do it again - so watch this space for more of the same!

So fear and excitement – two sides of the same coin and with a little know and some simple techniques, fear can easily be flipped to fabulous … ask me if you want to know how …

Oh and if you are curious, you can still down load the interviews I recorded – they mention a women only event that I ran in May – but hey – guys can listen and learn something from them too ;-) and

Sandra Peachey - Founder, Peachey Days

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