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Are You a Polar Bear or a Penguin?

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As leader of the East Midlands branch of Damsels in Success - the fabulous female self development club, I often see women who are run ragged - chasing about looking after everyone, everything and generally acting like wonder woman on speed!  So this months fabulous Damsel's event is all about resting and recharging and so we will be asking our members and visitors whether they feel like a polar bear or a penguin .... You see we all relax and recharge in our own unique ways and what works for one can often have totally the opposite effect on another … take me for instance, a guaranteed recharger is to put my favourite Karaoke game on the WII and sing my little heart out … what can I say ... I have a particular penchant for Broadway classics at the moment ... I appreciate that this may not be YOUR cup of tea, yet what ever your thing is, I would love to share another tip that works wonders for me when it comes to getting my 'batteries' recharged.

Take today for example … I have been on the go all day … I was up early and after a long drive, gave a breakfast talk at a networking event, then on the way home I went food shopping, then got home and reorganized and tidied up the whole of the downstairs of my house, which has just been redecorated, then had a quick nap (very important!) made lunch, and set to answering emails. Now that‘s a lot to pack into a morning, yet work is my passion, I love shopping (food or shoes, I am not particular ;-)) and now I have the satisfaction of an organised and tidy house (for now at least!).

Of course seeing life as a series of positive transactions, rather than a parade of chores helps, as does playing my favourite 80s tunes very loudly on my IPod to help me along! I have also made the decision today to enjoy everything I do and to add into the mix lots of energy and commitment ... And the tip I would like to share is that leaving a job half-done or not even starting it at all saps your energy and completing a job gives you loads more!

You know how satisfying finishing something is, especially if it has been nagging at the back of your brain or slipping down your To Do list. Those un-started and unfinished tasks can eat away at us, depleting our energy and enthusiasm and often getting harder to start the longer we leave them and yet once you start doing a task and then complete it, suddenly and magically you want to get stuck into the next thing!

So as a Recharge today why not do that one thing that you have been meaning to get around to … may be sort out those files, clear out the cupboards or get those old clothes into the charity bag and then bask in your satisfaction at a job well done and now complete :-)

Join us at Damsels in Success in Ashby de la Zouche on the evening of 20 July to get your dose of our own very special brand of Relaxing and Recharging. You will pick up some fab tips, connect with gorgeous like-minded women and have some quality YOU time into the bargain. It is set to be a fabulous event, with guest spots from fitness instructor Becky White and holistic healer and trainer - Sally Rosemary. Add to that the fact that it is free for first timers - oh and there will be tea and cake too!!

It would be great to see you there, to join the party follow this link or copy and paste it into your browser and reserve your place:

With love, laughter and the satisfaction of several jobs well done today ;-)

    Sandra - Leader, Damsels in Success, Burton on Trent

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