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At a networking meeting a couple of weeks ago, I introduced myself to a small business owner, who told me how he had heard all about coaching, met lots of coaches and had “pooh poohed” the whole coaching thing.  Interestingly he went on to say that recently he had noticed how all the most successful people he knew had coaches ... 

There are many kinds of coaches out there and when asked if I am a life, business or career coach, it’s an interesting question.  The simple fact is that I’m a ‘Results Coach’ and that’s about supporting people to get the results they want – be that in life, in business or finding / changing careers.

When I left the corporate world of Human Resources after 25 years, I most definitely positioned myself as a life coach, wanting to leave that world firmly behind, yet found increasingly that people were drawn to my blend of practical experience, business know how and empathetic coaching.  And when I started to deliberately combine my coaching with psychometrics, I found that more and more businesses – be they sole proprietors or larger organisations were interested in what I had to offer – whether they wanted results inside or outside of the work environment.

Using psychometric personality questionnaires together with coaching can yield fast and powerful results.  For coaching clients of Peachey Days, the process starts with the coachee completing a questionnaire and then they have a feedback session to verify the results and start the process of planning what areas to focus on in their coaching, how to capitalise on their strengths and also what they might want to do differently.  In fact - as part of the Peachey Days Summer Sale, I have a very special introductory offer which combines a psychometric profile with 30 minutes feedback, plus an additional 60 minutes coaching, (click here for more information).

As someone qualified in administering and interpreting psychometric questionnaires (I have the British British Psychological Society - Level A and B qualifications) I am trained in a number of personality and aptitude systems.  Having used them for a number of years to support the processes of recruitment, coaching and team building, I have found that they offer a quick route to building trust and certaincy in the whole process and provide a structured framework to work from.

Where people are not used to the concept of coaching, they are also a great ice breaker, giving them the confidence to see quick results and immediately giving them a comfortable and constructive frame of reference that they can easily understand and work around.

Then, once the issues have been identified and the goals established, the coachee must be willing to participate fully in order to get the full benefit. Having had their de-brief - they have already started the process of developing better self knowledge and self-awareness and we can then refer back to the results throughout the coaching programme as needed.

In terms of choice of test - there are a huge variety available.  As a qualified Occupational tester I can use most of the major tests out there and in terms of personality profiles, have been trained in Thomas International’s  PPA, (also known as DISC), Saville Holdsworth’s OPQ and McQuaig’s Word Survey, as well as their aptitude testing products.

The PPA and the OPQ are the ones I use most often, depending on the context of the coaching.  And at the moment, I have a special offer using a combination of Thomas’ PPA and coaching – either as a single session or a programme of 6 (see my shop for further details).

The functionality of PPA is broad since it has the capability to produce a variety of reports that focus on a range of business skills - including sales and management types and it also can build a team profile which I have used as the basis for a number of very powerful team building events. 

I have used this questionnaire with candidates from all over the world and can arrange for it to be taken in many languages (including American and Australian!) - the criteria is 'which language do you think in'?  The written reports can be produced in the original language too and verbal/on-line feedback will be in English.

The PPA takes only 8 minutes to complete either in person or on-line.  I can then provide you with a written report which details strengths and development areas, communication style, motivators, basic fears and behaviour under pressure.

I can also provide a variety of additional reports focussing on different business strengths, including sales and management styles - ask me for more information and costings.

As well as the written report you receive detailed personal feedback either face to face, on-line or by telephone. 

The Thomas PPA has a wide variety of uses, including:

•          Identifying suitable career paths for those starting out and those wanting to change

•          Identifying precisely the areas for development that will have the maximum impact on you and your business

•          Looking at how to maximise, improve and manage performance

•          Recruitment and best fit

•          Identifying the right people for promotion, career change

•          Creating and developing teams

•          Resolving team issues

•          Gauging motivation and morale

So having wanted to leave the corporate world behind, I now find that my unique blend of skills and experience comes into play in a different way - where people want the structure of business know how / psychometric results, blended with my own special brand of motivation and inspiration ...

To see how psychometrics and coaching can give you the results you want as an individual or business, check out my current deals and contact me for more information at: / 07921 494363.

With warm regards


Founder – Peachey Days

“The difference between school and life?  In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test.  In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson. ~Tom Bodett

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