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Going Back to 'School'

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So you may have noticed that the nights are ‘drawing in’ and people have started to talk about the ‘C’ word ... yes the autumn season is fast approaching and then it’s the wind down to Christmas ... (ouch! - there I said it!!).

It’s a funny old time of year – many of us have come back from holidays and have plans for the remaining months of the year; there are those going back to school/college/uni/work - buying pencil cases and uniforms to last through from autumn to winter.  There is strangely, both a sense of new beginnings and also of tailing down to the end of the year.  It’s a unique time – time to reflect, celebrate and formulate and also time to energise, to act and to start afresh – be that in life, in business or your job search.

In businesses, with everyone returning to work there is a late summer hiring surge, new projects are starting, budgets need to be used and so you have a great opportunity to harness the energy of this unique time of year by giving yourself a head start.

I know that I definitely have big plans for the rest of the year.  I moved back to the West Midlands in the Spring and since then have been building on my contacts and customers both here and back in the East Midlands – culminating in my coaching ‘sale’.  As a result I have met fabulous new clients and supported them through some amazing career and business changes – and it has been so rewarding.  Well I’m back from my summer holiday and now is the time to take the next step again, to provide more opportunities to more people to make the most of their passions and talents ... for me it’s definitely time to step up and shine even more brightly and of course, as my plans activate and unfurl, I’ll let you know how that’s all going to look ...

On the job search front Dale Perret - Director, 'Novo Executive Search and Selection' explains:

“Without question the busiest months of the year for candidate job applications are January and September. In this competitive marketplace I would encourage candidates to be well organised and get applications in early to maximise their opportunities”

So – getting hired in September means getting short–listed now … Increase your chances of getting the job you want by thinking about:

  • CVs AND APPLICATIONS:  Is your CV you bang up to date, focussing on your accomplishments in a way that portrays your skills, competencies and key words in the best possible way? If you are unsure how your CV measures up, then check out our CV writing services and maximize your advantage NOW.
  • JOB SEARCH: Have you thought of every possible avenue and worked every angle or are you on a treadmill of doing the same old thing and getting the same old results?  Peachey Days will coach you through the best plan for YOU.
  • INTERVIEW AND PRESENTATION PREPARATION: Getting interviews, but not getting results?  Let Peachey Days help you to prepare to be the best you can be.  Got a presentation to give and don’t know where to start – we can help?!  You can now manage your nerves, be focused and be ready for success.

Click here to found out how Peachey Work will give you the verve and the know-how … now.

It’s a great time of year to get new projects started and with the help of Peachey Support, you can harness this unique energy, blast away blockages and end the year with a bang – check out our coaching packages and remember that for individuals and businesses alike September = Peachey Days!

Enjoy the new term ...


Sandra Peachey - Founder – Peachey Days

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