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Wow, it’s been busy times in the wonderful world of Peachey Days ... 

I’m currently gearing up to run my fabulous new business programme for start ups, called ‘Business in a Box’ and as I was selling the idea to another business coach, she got very excited and said, ‘I can’t wait - let’s do a Workshop together on Selling now’!  Well NOW is actually 15 March and the event is the Sales Boot Camp that teaches you how NOT to sell! 

You see I don’t know about you, but the mere world ‘sales’ can strike fear into me, reminding me of how I started my career - plodding round industrial estates selling photo copiers on foot ... well it has to be said that both me and the world of sales have come a long way since then ... My initial forays into sales taught me a lot and I applied many of the principles learnt to my long career in the corporate world – ensuring that individuals and organisations achieved and then beat their sales targets. 

I’ve trained and developed work forces in marketing, retail and the manufacturing world and then I got to apply my learning to my own business – now that’s when it got REALLY interesting!  I used to be obsessed with pouncing on would be clients and being almost desperate that they MUST buy my wares or else just decide that I would rather doing the ironing than sell something on other days (and if you knew how much I loath ironing then you would know how crazy that is)! 

So together with the Award winning Laura Morris of Educate Business, we have put together an intensive sales boot camp which shows you how to sell with ease – yes ease, because you will use your natural strengths, passions and enthusiasms to encourage clients to buy – so selling then becomes redundant ...  Intrigued ..?  Find out more here.

Being a leader of Damsels in Success is keeping me busy too and this fabulous female phenomena is glowing and growing from strength to strength and has just found five more fantastic females to create and lead new groups around the UK ... to get a sneaky peek at them - check out their pictures and vital statistics on our Damsels in Success Facebook Page and if you haven’t already, give the page a ‘Like’ too, so you can get all the updates and goss’ as soon as they happen.

And if you’d (pardon the pun) LOVE to know more about Damsels in Success, then come along to our next event – next week on the evening of 15 February, where our guest speaker Alex Santaro Emmerson will share her secrets of ‘Love: From the Boardroom to the Bedroom’.  There’ll be wisdom, support, tea and cake in almost equal quantities, so make sure you reserve your free place online.

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