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Marvellous March

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Just a very quick update this month, to mark the advent of the month of March.  With Spring on the horizon, the sap is rising and I have been busy getting my book Peachey Letters out into the world. 

I’ve also been expanding my horizons in all sorts of other ways, improving my business coaching skills and refocusing my business.  And one thing that has certainly expanded my self awareness is the latest theme at Damsels in Success.   This month the theme is … dramatic pause … ‘The Power of The Intuitive Woman’… 

This is a very powerful session where we may well be challenging your notions of what intuition actually is and the power of using it in all areas of life, including your business… So whether you are an Accountant or an Angel coach – this event will expand your notions of yourself and be fun and challenging in equal measures!

Just to whet your appetite, my gift to you this month is my Intuition Quiz, which I will happily send to you for free whether you are able to come to my event or not.  Simply complete your details here and give yourself 5 minutes to answer some easy questions.  In return I will send you your results… it will be like a posh online version of those quizzes in mags like Cosmopolitan that I love doing with a quick coffee!  Just intuitively follow this link to register...

To experience this in-depth and connect with our fabulous members and guests and all for free too, your date with destiny is the evening of next Wednesday (20 March).  Just click through here or copy and paste this link, to book your place on-line

So many people have expressed an interest in my beautiful book Peachey Letters, it has had gorgeous reviews and been featured in local and national press – have you got your copy yet..?  You can get it on Amazon in paperback or Kindle here… 

I had two amazing book launches in London and Leamington – so take a sneeky peak at the pics on Facebook here if you are curious to see what went on…

That’s all from me for now.  Have a marvellous March.

Warm regards


Founder - Peachey Days

Author of Peachey Letters ~ Love Letters to Life, as featured in Psychologies Magazine

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