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Get Set to be a Goddess in 2014

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“The merry year is born, like the bright berry from the naked thorn.
~ Hartley Coleridge

How was your Christmas?? Well the 'Twelve Days' aren't even over yet and my tree and decorations are still up... but now it feels like it is time to look forward...   And the New Year is nearly here...  So - will it be back to reality and to the same old same old in 2014?
Now I don’t know about you – but I have already seen so many of those emails and postings about a New year / a New you, and what a good time it is to start diets, launch a business, buy this perfect product and so on and so on…  and blah blah blah… And yes – I could even be guilty of having written a few of those myself…
So here are a few of my own observations on the New Year subject… I know that for me – there is a very definite 'New Year, New Start' energy… Maybe it’s because I’ve had a rest and taken a break from ‘the norm’, but I am genuinely raring to go and have already got round to loads of niggling little jobs that I have been meaning to get around to for months.  I’ve been cleaning and sorting and arranging and planning and getting ready to face the New!
I’ve decided to deliberately embrace the New Year flow and go where the energy takes me and to capitalise on it – even taking a little longer to ‘get back to the day job’ so I can enjoy myself and feel great about what I am acheiving effortlessly, in the meantime.

I have had just the most amazing 12 months, publishing 2 books, speaking to capacity crowds and fulfilling my ambitions to appear in Psychologies Magazine and on the BBC!   And there are more plans afoot for the coming year, where I will be supporting more people in writing and publishing THEIR books too...   So it is most definitely time to be asking myself some big questions for the year ahead, and putting wings to my prayers - taking the action that will turn them from plans to reality.
Yet I am just as guilty as anyone of not keeping New Years Resolutions, as the pages on the calendar turn and life carries us along.   So how DO we make our new year good plans and intentions actually stick???  
Well, that is where my next Damsels in Success event comes in, because to make this planning malarkey a completely 'success with ease' process - Burton members and guests will be ‘Goal Setting for Goddesses’ together, so that we will all create our own 2014 the way we want it… And the reason this whole process will be easier is that it has been designed for women, by women; we will walk through it together; then really commit to it and together hold each other to support and to account - giving our goals real wings and the genuine chance to make a difference to our lives.

It all happens on 15 January in Leicestershire, just sign up online for your fab free place, here...
And here are more ways I can support you and your Goddess Goals too…

Firstly my complimentary gift to you, is my Peachey Process to help you set gentle goals that will actually 'stick', in the form of my Peachey Letter to New Years Eve, for you to read, reflect and take action on...

Secondly, the next level of support I can offer you, is individual.  I get incredible results Coaching and Mentoring my cherished clients on a one to one basis, and if you are ready to take things to the next level, in life and business too, I have a special offer on a Fast Track Coaching session - find out more here...

If you have any comments or questions on this months newsletter, let me know....   And that, was all the latest Peachey News, Views, Offerings and Opinions for now…
Here’s to a delightful and delicious January, and an amazing 2014, for all of us. 

With love and laughter...

Sandra Peachey

Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success
* Author of Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life as featured in local press, Psychologies, The Lady & The BBC!
* Co-author of 'The F-Factor' - the blueprint for entrepreneurial women to have Success without the Stress
* Winner at the 2013 ‘Women Inspiring Women’ Awards
* Nominee in two categories in the ‘Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants’ Awards, 2012 & 2013

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