Peachey Letters: Blog and Book


Peachey Letters - Blog and Book

In 2012 I set myself the challenge of writing a 'love letter to life' every single day of the Valentine month of February...

I'd been wanting to write creatively for some time, and so my 'Peachey Letters' bought together all the strands of my life - allowing me to analyse, celebrate and let go of so many things, while I continue to make sense of it all.  As a coach, I have found the exercise to be challenging, emotional and completely liberating... and so my Peachey Letters Blog was born....

The process of writing was easy and I discovered throughout the process that I had become my own 'best coach'.  Then readers of the blog told me how they had been inspired to heal issues in their own lives and to write their very own letters too.

To date the blog has had approximately 3000 visitors, from all over the world and the incredible positive feedback that I received from day 1 of it going live, meant that the idea for the book very quickly came into being.  After my Blog challenge ended therefore, I continued to write more love letters, and then a worked out a structure for the book, to bring all the elements together into a neat and satisfying whole.

In November 2012 I asked the audience of the IGNITE! 2012 conference (approximately 200 women) to choose from the 2 cover designs I had been given - the choice was virtually unanimous and here is the end result - with the book being available on Amazon (in paperback and Kindle format) and in all good shops...

 Peachey Letters Cropped Cover

Peachey Letters - Love Letters to Life official publication date was 14 February 2013 - just 12 months after it was conceived!  Even before going to press, its' pre-publication reviews were singing its' praises...  It has also been featured in local and national press, including Psychologies Magazine and The Lady.

You can check out the blog here and buy your own copies in paperback and kindle on Amazon by following this link.  You can also buy copies directly from this website, with the option of having them signed by the author - here...

The book has its' very own social media prescence too, so you can check out its' progress on both Facebook (Peachey Letters Book Circle) and Twitter (@PeacheyLetters)...


I   also co-wrote 'The F-Factor' which was published in September 2013.    This is a book for entrepreneurially spirited women every where, and   provides the blueprint for them to live their life to the full. 
For women across the world, it will reveal your truly feminine heart – allowing you the permission and freedom to live as you choose, while giving the best possible love and support to those around you, too.  For men, it will give you a deeper understanding into what women really crave, and the support and environment they need to help them to thrive

The co authors - 9 extraordinary women, have come together to share one special message – how to have ‘success with ease’ – as a female entrepreneur, and in all other areas of your life. The F-Factor combines the wisdom of not just the authors, but a whole national community of Damsels in Success members – women who come together to share learning, love and support. Now for the very first time, this wisdom has been distilled into print - to reach out and touch a whole new audience. Part wisdom, part philosophy and part support, The F-Factor is also packed full of learning and practical exercises

At the very core of the book too, are the life stories that shaped the women behind the fabulous female phenomenon of Damsels in Success – showing us that with the right strategies and support, women everywhere can live the deeply satisfying lives they choose.

I am currently available to speak about both books - so please get in touch if you would like me to talk to groups or delegates about the writing process, how to publish a book, or how to find the love in all aspects of your life.

It is available to buy on this site and also on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

With warm regards

     Sandra Peachey

Author: Peachey Letters - Love Letters to Life

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