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Little Book Pro

  Andrea Perry's 'Little Book of Procrastination'


Register here for the chance to win a FREE place on the next Peachey Days VIP Mentoring Group.  This programme usually sells for £3,500.00 and places are limited, so this is a one off and amazing opportunity

Register now and immediately you will get the fabulous free gift of The Little Book of Procrastination by Andrea Perry – a gorgeous gift of a book that gives you bite sized pieces of practical advice and inspiration, that you can carry around with you for constant counsel.

Not only that, over the next few weeks you will also get a series of hints, tips and the opportunity to get more fabulous freebies that will show you how to be a VIP in your own life(time), as well as learning more about the Peachey VIP experience, from real people who have had real results.

REGISTER HERE to get your FREE GIFT and the CHANCE TO WIN or read on for more information ...

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The reason for all this fabulous free stuff is that I am now inviting applications to my next VIP Mentoring group.  To ensure the best team mix and commitment from the members and the highest level of support from the leader: places are strictly limited to only FIVE per group. 

This whole concept equates to amazing value for the results it will net you and to receive this opportunity FREE therefore, represents a remarkable chance to make a huge difference to your world.  Paid or free, signing up will mean giving your time, energy and commitment to the VIP process, in return for reaping amazing benefits and making fabulous connections with people like you – who want to make a difference to their lives and to others. 

So VIP mentoring is for you if …

  • You don’t just want a business/job - you want a LIFE ...!
  • You have unfulfilled dreams and ambitions, that you never seem to have the time, space, energy and support to make real …
  • You want to launch a new project / venture or kick things up a notch – in life, in business …
  • You would love to work SMART rather than HARD and still reap better financial returns …
  • You want a different life / work balance to the one you have now …
  • You would love the direction and momentum to give you results and make a living in ways that make your heart sing AND pays the bills …
  • You would like the guidance and support of your own coach, giving you one to one business AND personal support on a regular basis …
  • You know you would take exponential steps in life and business when you get the constructive support and accountability that a group of like minded peers – who will motivate you, push and pull you to reach your goals
  • What about achieving all this with a group of fabulous like-minded people – just like you?!

Register now and get

Your First Free Gift:

Andrea Perry's 'Little Book of Procrastination'

Little Book Pro
Often you will see the separate elements that this programme provides – there are coaches, clubs, networking groups, mentoring circles, motivational CDs, forums, etc, etc, but how often do you see all these combined into a powerful interactive bundle, tailored specifically to the needs of the individuals and the group?  This is an exclusive format which is why it is critical that the numbers are kept small and is for the committed few who will commit themselves and their precious resources to reap the rewards that they deserve from life.

This special programme is for you if you are starting a new business or launching a new project and know that the key to your success is a mixture of practical advice, inspiration and the accountability of a close group of like minded peers.

Other group members have included those wanting to change careers, start new businesses, launch new projects and get prepared for promotion in the corporate world, as well as reaching health goals and reaching for improved levels of life / work balance.  Sign up now to win your place, get your free book and find out more … 


Win or Join the Peachey VIP Mentoring Group and you will get:

  • 9 x VIP Group Away Days at a country house hotel / spa
    • Worth: £2,691.00  
  • 12 hours of one to one coaching
    • Worth: £900.00
  • 12 months membership of Damsels in Success
    • Worth: £500.00
  • 24 hour support from the Group and Leader in the form of an exclusive on-line forum for members only
    • Worth: £250.00
  • 2 x personalised motivational CDs – designed just for you
    • Worth: £80.00
  • Free and discounted products and services from Peachey Days
    • A selection of CDs, Seminars and Services, Worth: £Priceless!
  • ALL THESE ELEMENTS COMBINE to provide you with a 12 month programme giving a powerful blend of coaching, group mentoring and a whole range of practical and inspirational services:
    • Total Worth: In excess of £4421.00!!

Prices are based on Peachey Days and Damsels in Success products and services, which you can verify on their individual websites …

And the actual investment from you for all this is either:

1 x payment of:                          £3,500.00       


4 x quarterly payments of:        £   950.00       


12 x monthly payments of:       £   350.00

You will not find this programme on the website shop as it is subject to completion of an application form and an interview in order to find the right members, with the right level of commitment.

To find out more, and for your chance to win a FREE place on the next programme, register below. And remember that every one who registers gets a free copy of The Little Book of Procrastination by Andrea Perry!

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