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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words ...

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Written on the train on my way home from London – Tuesday 19 July:

I’m reflecting on my day ... And this wasn't any old day ... No - it's not every day that I stand, barefoot, on a wet park bench in Regents Park, performing to camera (and loving every minute of it I might add!).

The camera in question belongs to Christina Morassi - aka 'the Heart Shot' photographer – a unique and gorgeous woman who works with fabulous women entrepreneurs in the US and UK to help them to develop their brand.

Christina, from LA in the U S of A, started her career in fashion photography and found her self working with the likes of Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum and Britney Spears in the world of super model / pop star glitterati.  She loved photography, but wasn't finding the fashion scene fulfilling. So she then embarked on a journey of self discovery which lead her to holistic healing and the world of intuitive arts, including trance dancing ... On the next stage in her life journey Christina realised that she had a unique set of gifts and skills that she then blended together to become the ‘Heart Shot photographer’.

A fundamental aspect of the heart shot philosophy is 'developing your brand'. For Christina this is a passion to get womenpreneurs to reflect who they really are into the world - their brand being the sum total of their skills, passions, and life experience - the unique gifts that they and only they have to give to the world. And since that what Damsels in Success is all about too, it's a perfect partnership now that she has become our very own brand specialist.

As the heart shot photographer, she explores women's fabulous feminine uniqueness, and guides you to 'flip the switch' - which in her terms is stepping out of the ordinary and into the realms of the extraordinary - where we connect with our core and then reflect that back into the world via her lens.  As Damsels in Success we believe in shining our light into the world too, so Christina embodies our core philosophies in so many ways.  To found out more about our fabulous feminine community - have a look around the Damsel's website.

Back to my day in London … It took a dozen women to create the magical photos of the Damsels in Success Leaders. 10 as the subjects, then the photographer and the all important hair and make up artist. As Christina's mission is to get you to 'the next level' in your sense of self and your business, the dress code is 'the next level' too. So, surrounded by my shining sister Damsels in Success leaders and looking and feeling like a million dollars inside AND out - imagine how those pictures turned out ..? Well having had a sneak preview I can tell you that they really capture the essence of the amazing spirit of Damsels in Success and yes, of course, each and every one of us looks truly GORGEOUS!

Look out for the pics anon on this and the Damsel's website ... and to find out how to have your own Peachey Days and shine YOUR light, have a look round this website … I'm offering amazing deals on coaching at the moment ... Oh yes the world is going to get a lot more 'Peachey' thanks to Christina and Damsels in Success and of course to ME - for 'flipping the switch' and shining my light!

Oh and if you want to see more - then click here to check out my video of the shoot.

Sandra Peachey - Founder - Peachey Days

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