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Could the State of my Fringe be Akin to the State of my Life ..?

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So May is here … and along with new growth in my gorgeous Spring garden, I’ve decided to grow my hair AND to grow out the fringe that I’ve had since I was 16 too ...  The thing is I’m currently in that yucky mid phase where it’s starting to grow into my eyes and I’m blinded and bumping into solid objects!  Yup – it’s too short to be neat and too long to be fringe … 

Hum … life gets like this sometimes too, when we are on the way to a new destination - we’re leaving the old behind, heading for the new and it can all seem a bit uncertain, muddy and messy.  This is so often the time when we question our decisions, especially as you can’t always see clearly what the end result will be … 

Well I believe that we are always in need of support and inspiration, whether we are bobbing along in life OR going through times of change, because so often there is that nagging voice of doubt, of self criticism, of wondering if you are doing the right thing, are in the right place, etc and so on … 

It’s time … what ever you are doing … to take stock, to pause and to celebrate where you are right now … Yes, that’s right – I said CELEBRATE!!  To see what’s working, see what needs adjusting and what is on the horizon and then ENJOY!  So – what can YOU celebrate right now??? 

At Damsels in Success we are most definitely all about celebrating ourselves this month, so click here to join us FREE at our Celebrating Women event on 16th May 2012 in Ashby De La Zouch.  At this fabulous evening we are going to STOP criticising and START celebrating ourselves … in so many ways … We will be teaching tactics to thrive in each of our lives and then we will celebrate ourselves and each other!  Catch the Damsels Celebration and let my party event show you how to have ‘success without the stress’ in every aspect of your life.  

This month Damsels in Success has created a set of 10 interviews with amazing female experts, sharing their wisdom on being a woman in this crazy and amazing world we live in.  Everyone who books a place on-line will immediately receive 2 interviews in this ‘Celebrating Women’ Series and everyone who attends an event in the UK will also receive the remaining 8 – building into an amazing resource which will definitely entertain and enrich! 

Maybe you are going through transitional times right now or are trying to get something new off the ground - so you want more intensive ‘VIP’ support.  Well as a coach I often have VIP days with clients where we really get under the skin of an issue or project and work through it to shift it, create it or move it on.  In fact these days are so popular at the moment that I’ve got availability for just two next month, so if this sounds like something YOU would benefit from, let me know by reply that you would like to explore being your own VIP … 

And as to my fringe … well I’ve bought a collection of clips and grips, so now I’m twisting and decorating my hair into new styles … suddenly I’m getting compliments on my new look … Ha! So much for that self critic that told me to give up … Now THAT’S got to be something to celebrate! ;-)

PSWhilst we’re on the subject of celebrating, I’m going to ask you to ‘save a date’ – the evening of the 9th of June to be precise.  The ‘Women Inspiring Women National Awards’, sponsored by Damsels in Success is coming to Birmingham … Watch this space for your invite.

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