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Getting the full Juice and Zest out of June!

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Well it really IS Juicy June for me!  Some big changes have been happening in my life lately... do you recognise the scenario - those sorts of changes that you don't feel that you have consciously planned and then they start to affect your health, wealth and relationships???  I had all 3 of those, (a big client contract ending, a health scare and relationship stuff) so I started the month somewhat anxiously wondering what the future holds... You see I am a coach and mentor not because I am some kind of amazing guru (well may be ;-)), but as someone who really wants a high level of support and knowledge herself and thinks that in turn, these are fabulous gifts to give back to the world...

So the cliched pattern goes that I am now going to tell you that it has all turned out marvellously and that all is now hunky dory and perfect in Peachey land.  Well - yes and no, it's not all perfect! But isn't that life? - I am taking care of my health first of all, my contract ending means that I now have June off and can focus on issues closer to home / heart which I have been neglecting, and the Universe has most definitely been presenting me with new opportunities, clients and income streams that I hadn't even contemplated even a few weeks ago... 

What I DO think is perfect though is that June is my birthday month and I feel like this year it has been parcelled up and given to me as a complete GIFT.  And the big pink ribbon on that gift was the fact that I won the award for Damsels in Success Director of the Year, at the 'Women Inspiring Women Awards!'.  As one of 12 Directors it was a real accolade and I am taking it as a positive sign for a stunning year in which I have also published my Peachey Letters book - now THAT is truly JUICY!

That is me (in the middle) receiving my prize, with last years winner Michelle Clarke and MC James Lavers

In fact it is SO juicy that to celebrate I am giving away a limited number of FREE 30 minute 'Winning Woman' coaching sessions, including a pyschometric profile (completed before the coaching).  In our session we will assess the top dreams and goals that are going to give you the juiciest 2013 ever and then create a Fast Track action plan to reach them... You will, quite simply get for free the unique services that I charge for in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.  Remember that I am taking June slowly, so I only have limited availability and this means that the offer holds for the remainder of this month only.  To get this juicy opportunity - follow this link and register for your own one to one Winning Woman session here... 

And the fab free stuff just keeps rolling in!  This months theme at Damsels in Success
is Feel Good on the Inside – Look Good on the Out, being held on the evening of Wednesday 19 June.  So... as a woman, we know that BOTH inside out and outside in affect our energy, confidence and ability to juggle the crazy complexity of our modern day lives.  We believe in 'Success with Ease' at Damsels in Success, but that isn't just about financial success. How do you fuel your success in ALL areas of your life???  Learn our powerful Damsels strategies for having more health and energy - for EVERYTHING you do...  Taking the stage with me next week is Rachel McGuinness, the 'Chief Resilience Officer' of Zest Life Style; her mission is to work with high performing people who want to understand more about how to optimise their energy and become the best they can be both personally and professionally.  The reason she set up Zest Lifestyle was to inspire people to get healthier, more energised and more focused by drawing from her own experiences in the corporate world; and on Wednesday she will be sharing her special strategies for women to get more zest into their lives!  To grab YOUR free place and a slice of birthday cake - please register here... And it's nearly my big 5 O birthday (22 June) - so that has GOT to be worth celebrating (and we WILL be too)!

In Birmingham, on Saturday 8 June, Damsels in Success sponsored the 2013 Women Inspiring Women Awards for the second year running.  It was a stunning high vibration evening, celebrating the inspirational achievements of wonderful women, across the UK and from all walks of life... I am very proud to be a winner of an award and whilst the official pictures aren't 'officially' released yet, you can take a sneaky peek at my own photo album of the night here...

The Damsels Directors with CEO Lucie Bradbury

OK, OK, so I've snuck a couple of awards official pics out and the one above is me with Damsels CEO Lucie Bradbury and some of my sister Damsels in Success Directors, celebrating a fabulous night.  Nearly 5 years ago I became a member of Damsels in Success and have never looked back since - creating my own thriving coaching business and becoming one of the first Damsels in Success Directors - setting up the beautiful Burton upon Trent group.  Now we are recruiting to give more amazing women the same opportunity to set up their very own group and are holding a Directors' 'Discovery Day' on 28 June.  Would you love to work with a close knit, professional team, with super support and infra-structure to set up your own Damsels in Success group?  Then check out all the details of our upcoming Discover Day here...

Well, that's my latest Blog, with added zest AND juice ;-)... Anyways - I gotta go - I've got a big birthday to plan for...  YOU have a Juicy June too - what ever you get up to :-).

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