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Money & Abundance in November

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How are you on this fine autumn day? I had thought it was a sign of my age that I was staggered that November has come around yet again, so soon, but am comforted by the fact that people I meet every where, be they young or old, are all saying the same thing! 
So, as time has passed, how I wonder are things different for you from this time last year..?  Here are some questions for you to ponder - since this time last year:

  • What things have stayed the same for you?
  • What things have changed for you?
  • And What would you like to be different by the end of this year???

You now have questions and answers, and of course that means that the next thing to do is think, plan and take some kind of positive action.  And action does not always feel easy at this time of year when the days are shorter and we'd rather stay cosyed up in doors, winding gradually down to Christmas (there, I dared to say the 'C' word!).
So I have two amazing happenings this month to support you in achieving your dreams and goals with more grace and ease...  First of all we are exploring Abundance and Money at Damsels in Success - Burton on the evening of Wednesday the 20th.  So... are you a magnet to money? Do you attract the money you want in your life, and does it hang around... or is it out of the door again before you can even acknowledge that it arrived? 

Lucie Bradbury, CEO of Damsels, kicks off our first Money & Abundance event

The good news is this month's is designed to help you let go of fear around money, value your gifts and allow more abundance into your life...  So many of us are held back by financial constraints, often starting out as money patterns and stories that we've carried with us since we were young. This event is all about rebuilding those financial foundations and making a plan going forward that can help you create more wealth, and keep it in your life - working for you, not against you...
The benefits of attending this session include: 

  1. How to get clear on your money story
  2. Understand habits around spending
  3. Learn to value YOU and ask for what you're worth
  4. Create a money magnet vision for the next 12 months
  5. Receive SUPPORT & RESOURCES & ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure your Success with Ease.

Quite simply you will leave the meeting feeling financially fired up!  So are you ready to step up and let go of fear around money, value your gifts and allow abundance into your life? Well Damsels in Success is here to help you at this fab, FREE event - follow this link to find out more and to book your place...
Well that is my local event, and at Damsels in Success we are getting well and truly fired up for our next national event, IGNITE! 2013 too, on the weekend of 23rd/24th November.  This is the third Damsels in Success conference and so it shouldn't come as a surprise when I tell you that last years event was energising, life changing and gave everyone there the chance to connect with inspirational and like hearted women.  And we can expect more of the same, this year, in bucket loads, too, including world class speakers.  In fact here is an unsolicited testimonial from one of my very own Damsels in Success Burton members:
"I just wanted to say, even at the full price, the Ignite Weekend is the event of the year. If you want to be in a room full of exciting, successful, caring, challenging, confident, inspiring women and want to learn more than you ever dreamed possible in 2 days ... this is THE best gift to give yourself! My life has changed immeasurably since Ignite 2012 and I wouldn't miss Ignite 2013 for the world! xx" ~ Caroline Ashby.

Caroline Ashby

If you are intrigued, check out more testimonials, the full list of stellar speakers and more...  And here is a very special heads up - TICKET PRICES GO UP TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT (Tuesday 5 November), so buy yours NOW and Ignite your life - here's all the info here...
I can't wait to see you at both events!!!  

With love and abundance :-)
Sandra Peachey
Coach, Author and Director at Damsels in Success

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Nominee in two categories in the 'Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants' Awards, 2012 & 2013

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